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Gods: Land of Inifinity: Reviewing Turn-Based RPG for PCs

Gods: Lands of Infinity is a turn-based role-playing game set in a mythical medieval world. Your character is a woman named Vivien, who has been sent to rescue the world from evil by assembling the pieces of a mighty weapon. You start out in the city of Slavingrad, which is a base of sorts. Here you receive your first quests, weapons, and armor. As you level up you are granted more powerful attacks, but these are designed so that they can only be used once every few turns. The turn-based system is simple: Attack and you use up attack points, defend and you gain some back. The stronger the attack, the greater the amount of attack points used. This is also the same with magic. Although with magic you also need to have mana along with your attack points to cast spells. As you journey through the game you will encounter a wide variety of enemies and locales. Many of the locales have no enemies but instead offer simple quests or the opportunity to serve as a delivery person in order to make a little money. Money is hard to come by in this game, so spend very carefully, especially when it comes to the secondary characters that come and join your party at different points during the game. You have full control over the actions of the secondary characters as far as their attacks and spells are concerned. The armor and weapons have slots for gems(the better the weapon or armor the more slots). There are gems that boost attack or magic power and others that raise hit points or mana.


The graphics of the game are above average, and many of the locations are extremely picturesque. Some of the backgrounds and border areas can be a bit blocky or lower res, but overall the look of the game is quite good.


Most of the talking done in the game is of the “you read it” variety. There are a few exceptions and when there is voice work it is competent even if the English translation isn’t always perfect. The music is gorgeous and haunting, varying from locale to locale, giving the game an epic feel. There are some areas, though, where there is no music at all. Instead you get background noises which consist almost entirely of birds chirping and squawking.

It is a pleasant sound to the ears, the kind of which you hear early in the morning at dawn when birds start chirping at the rising sun. This sound was also used in Pokemon go account games which involved pokemons.


This is class turn-based role-playing. The battles are both exciting and challenging, requiring strategy as well as strength to win.

Replay value:

Not much. Although you can designate Vivien as either a fighter or magic user, you run across enough of both in your party members and get a feel for what it would be like being both. The game is fairly linear, and after playing it once, you won’t run across any new surprises.


As RPG fans know, there are VERY few turn-based games available on the market. If you truly crave a turn-based game, there is much to like in Gods: Lands of Infinity. For those with only casual interest in turn-based games, this will quite likely seem a bore. As a turn-based fan myself, I would give this game a 7.2 out of 10.

Don’t Wear Your Gucci to the Grocery Store: How to Wear Designer Clothing

Up until recent years, designer clothing labels like Gucci, Prada, Valentino, Oscar de la Renta, Chanel, and Versace have been associated strictly with Hollywood socialites and celebutantes. Not only was the matter of the heavy price tags of these labels a factor in weeding out the average consumers (it is not uncommon to see one garment costing upwards of $10,000.00), there was also the matter of status. Just being able to afford a designer’s artwork was not always enough to be able to wear them with confidence. Preferably, you also had to be a desirable person in the label head’s eyes. Designers wanted their clothing only on certain individuals’ bodies.

Fortunately, the divide between the Hollywood jet setters and at least the upper class of the rest of society is beginning to dissolve. Designers are beginning to create high-end, remarkably well made pieces for the less wealthy (albeit definitely not for those of average income levels, by any means). Simple blouses can be bought for as little as $2500.00 now, and shoes can be purchased for a meager $700-$800.00. While still high enough to deter most, these prices are just low enough for those willing to put in the extra overtime at work out of sheer desperation for the newest pair of Christian Louboutin heels. This phenomenon has created a generation of individuals, mostly women, who are able to buy designer clothing without the slightest idea as to how those pieces were intended to be worn. To avoid going into thousands of dollars of credit card debt only to be embarrassed later on when you are told that your $1500.00 handbag is not right for the occasion, read on.

Designer clothing is not meant for everyday wear. Even celebrities wear mall clothing every once in a while to give their designer duds a break. Wearing a designer’s label means that you are literally representing them. Therefore, choose the locales in which you will be seen in these pieces carefully. No, you won’t receive a phone call from a designer’s executive office if you commit a fashion faux pas in one of their pieces, however those in the know will look at you unfavorably if you wear designer clothing in a distasteful manner.

Now, when we say “designer clothing,” we are not referring to your favorite pair of Levi’s or that Tommy Hilfiger polo that you’ve had for three years. Furthermore, we generally are not talking about anything that you can purchase at a department store or mall. We are talking about designers who have specialty boutiques only in select cities. When wearing this type of clothing, make it a point to learn which locations are appropriate for them and which are not in order to avoid appearing clueless, or worse, like “new money”. In other words, a Gucci bag looks ridiculous at a grocery store or utility company. Using designer clothing this way is a desperate cry for attention in the midst of a crowd of individuals who probably cannot tell Michael Kors from Michael Moore. Save your designer pieces for professional or prestigious venues only, where they will be appreciated. Certainly, you can use your rfid minimalist wallet when you’re just buying some grocery or running some errands, but it is not advisable to wear designer clothing and stylish bags when you are not in a formal and prestigious event.

Next, it is important to know the difference between last season’s designer looks and this season’s. For one season, school-girl plaids and knee high boots will be all the rage, while the next season will feature soft pastels and chunky platforms. There is usually a marked difference between each season’s runway looks. Therefore, while purchasing last season’s designer clothing, accessories, or shoes may be easier on your budget, unfortunately it is considered a bit tacky. It makes one look as if he/she is unable to afford this season’s look (which may be true, but there is no reason to advertise the fact). However, a great alternative to buying new clothing from your favorite designer each season is to stock up on essential vintage pieces in classic styles. Vintage heels, dresses, and bags can overflow your closet forever with little danger of ever going out of style. This makes them excellent investments, especially for those just learning the ropes of designer label shopping.

Finally, never mix and match your discount clothing with your designer clothing. While it is perfectly fine to mix a department store’s pricier items with your less expensive pieces, it is unacceptable to wear a combination such as Manolo Blahnik heels with Target jeans. If you are going to wear the labels, wear them from head to toe.

With the above tips in mind, you should be ready to go out and violently abuse any designer boutique’s credit card machine. Remember, when this season’s pricey items are out of style, you can sell them back to resale stores for excellent rates in order to restock for the current season. Therefore, make it a point to buy only what is in style right this minute if you are going the designer route, and leave those urges to go cheap at Wal-mart, where they belong.

Is Coffee Bad for Your Skin?

Should you stop drinking coffee to achieve beautiful, radiant skin? Well, there are pros and cons when it comes to drinking coffee. Coffee is loaded in caffeine which can produce negative and positive effects on the body. The key is not to drink too much of it.

Some pros of drinking coffee is that it contains antioxidants. Antioxidants help ward off cancers of various types, including skin cancer. Coffee contains a lot of caffeine which has actually been found to retard the aging process, improve short-term memory, and help fight off Alzheimer’s disease. If caffeine is consumed after exercise, it is found that it actually blocks the chemical that activates pain receptors, thus reducing muscle soreness. It is believed that it works better than pain relievers at doing this. Coffee is also used to exfoliate the skin. You can rub wet coffee grounds onto your skin to exfoliate; or after rubbing them on, you can let them sit on your skin for a few minutes before rinsing to reduce the appearance of cellulite.

Some cons to drinking coffee is because it is loaded with caffeine, it can mess with your sleep schedule. Sleep is necessary for beautiful, healthy, glowing skin. The only time your body repairs itself is during sleep. Since caffeine can stay in your body for up to 12 hours, make sure to drink it in the morning. If not, you might deprive your body of the sleep it needs. Coffee is also a natural diuretic, so if you drink too much it may cause dehydration. You don’t want that to happen because your body, including your skin, need fluids to transport essential nutrients throughout. For protection of the skin, Fresh coffee from supplier should be purchased at reasonable rates. It will not have any bad effects on the skin and health of the person. 

Drinking small amounts of coffee shouldn’t affect your skin. It seems that there are more pros to drinking coffee than cons. Just limit it to one cup of coffee per day. The worst thing it could do for your skin, is mess with your sleep. And sleep is very, very important for the health of your skin and body. Also, remember that too much caffeine is not good for your body.

If you can, try drinking Green tea instead of coffee.Green tea has powerful antioxidants. It is supposed to be really good for your health and is great for your immune system. It also contains caffeine just in case you need that dose in the morning. Another benefit: it seems that drinking green tea daily will benefit your acne problem. It seems to act as a calming agent (Check out my guide to clearer, acne free skin). Just make sure you steep your tea for at least 10 minutes for all those antioxidants to leek in, and drink before an hour’s up.

The Deterioration Of Social Networks &; Loss Of Friends After Divorce

As with any end to a relationship, there are many dynamics to consider. For most couples, whether married or not, the end of a relationship marks the beginning to a change in finances, living status and even the emotional connection, whether positive or negative.

This change in relationship, whether by divorce or separation, can lead to great stress and anxiety in either individual. Often, when we are in the process of divorce or separation, we lean on the individuals we are closest to. But, what if those individuals happen to be your in-laws or friends and family who were part of your relationship?

While we consider a divorce or separation to be extremely difficult, emotionally, this feeling is often based on our own inter-family dynamics and changes. What you may fail to realize is the sudden loss or change in your social network may also impair the separation or divorce, making the transition into your new life far more difficult.

Yes, there are several ways now on how you can grow your followers and audience on different social media networks such as Instagram through cheap and fast instagram views from Buzzvoice. But this is ideal for businesses, vloggers, bloggers and among others. And they are mere strangers. They cannot be compared to your relatives and loved ones.

When reaching out to your social networks, do not be surprised by the sudden disinterest some individuals may have in your needs, wants and desires. This is especially true if the social network relationship is one in which your former partner may have carried more weight or may have been more highly regarded. Often, this is difficult to understand.

If you are going through a divorce or separation, and you find that some of your family and friends have begun distancing themselves from you, take a look at the subconscious thought process that develops as a result of your separation and divorce. Often, without even realizing it, your friends and family may assess the benefits of continuing a relationship with you, and assess the cost and benefits of maintaining a relationship with your former partner. Once these considerations are made, your family and friends may find it necessary to re-structure their relationship with not only you but also your former partner.

While these changes in your social network may be surprising and even offensive, try to look at them objectively. As you struggle through the transition in your life, understand that those around you, who are impacted by your separation and divorce, as also just as likely to struggle with the change. Respect their decision to modify the relationship with you as, in most cases, this change is short-term and, when respected, may lead to a development of a long-term relationship after the separation or divorce period has passed. The key, here, is to avoid alienated those you love and allow them to create a new path for communication as they see fit based on their need for future social networking with you.

Louis Vuitton- Handbags Of a Lifetime

There is no limit to a human being’s desire as everyone wants to achieve anything and everything at the same time. What is your first reaction when you go out shopping and see your favorite item or product displayed right in front of you inside the shop?

There is an underlying fact, especially for women, that whenever they are out with their husbands or friends shopping for supplies, they will be more interested in window shopping and would not hesitate to purchase almost half the shop if the occasion called for it.

What are the things the women are most fond of? Well, many of them like jewelry, makeup kit, cosmetics, handbags, etc. to name a few and similarly men too have their fair share of interests but are more careful to suppress their desires due to budget constraints.

Biggest Weakness

We are now going to talk about Louis Vuitton, one of the biggest brands as far as handbags are concerned with a lot of variety to their name which has been the talk of the town for a longtime.

This may seem quite odd but it is true that Louis Vuitton is perhaps the most versatile brand in nature and that too in handbags alone due to the different sizes and shapes that they come in, which is why they are the most relatable and preferable among women and can be classified as their biggest weakness as well as the best friend.

The popularity of this brand can be gauged from the fact that it became a source of envy for rival companies making similar handbags and they were so intrigued by its super success that they started manufacturing Louis Vuitton Replica in the hopes of fooling consumers as though there was a fake Louis vuitton competition at play and the best duplicate model will get the first prize.


There is a long story regarding the origins of this renowned brand and is a product of Louis Vuitton, a French fashion designer cum businessman and entrepreneur, who had noticed the craze for leather products, especially the woman folk who could hardly contain their excitement for shopping, though it was a rare phenomenon in the 19th century.

Vuitton came from a well known family of artisans and carpenters and his parents too were well known in this profession and it was their untimely deaths that prompted him to try his luck in this field in his late teens.

His life struggles are too long to be documented and we will save it for another day but now it is suffice to mention that he launched this brand under his name in 1854 in Paris and the sales price of his first product was a $10000, a princely sum for the time which became a hit.

Monumental Craze

To sum up, the craze for Louis Vuitton handbags is monumental to say the least, especially during the times of World War II, which was when Vuitton was exclusively producing leather products to reap international benefits and Germany was the country where such brands were most popular as leather was high in demand for the Nazi army to use as punishment for the Jews.

Finding the Best Dog Food Suppliers

Where do you get your dog food from? Do you get it from specialist pet stores or supermarkets? Maybe you have a special mail order or internet company that you regularly use? Whichever it is, dog food suppliers are plentiful, and sometimes it can be hard working out which ones are the best. On M-Dog.org you will find a lot of information that you need when it comes to finding an excellent food supplier for your dog food. Along with all that, you can also read about the things that you need to keep in you mind as you look for credible dog food suppliers.

You will find dog food suppliers for all manners of food, there are vegetarian diets provided for, different ages, different breeds and all sorts of ailments, all available in the pet food market. Each one is unique in its own little way. There are some suppliers that stock many of these and some with a limited variety. Some charge ridiculously high prices, some have some great bargains. How do you decide where to get yours?

I generally get my dog food from a specialist pet shop. I don’t really know why, I just assume that because it is a specific shop, for a specific buyer, that they will stock a bigger variety and they will know what they are talking about if I should have a question that I need to ask. I have friends that think I’m crazy. They buy their dog food from supermarkets because normally it is cheaper than buying from pet shops. Some of my friends don’t care as long as the supplier they get it from stocks the one they want to buy.

I think the secret to finding the best dog food suppliers is to ask questions. It works in very much the same way as you would decide on the best Vet or the best insurance policy. You weigh up the pros and cons and go from there. By asking questions, you can work out if the staff of the suppliers knows what they are talking about, or if they are just trying to sell you the most over-priced product in the store.

You could choose your supplier by price. Obviously it would be ridiculous to buy a can or bag of dog food from one place when you can buy it for a few cents cheaper in another. Some people are loyal to the stores in which they normally buy their products from, however, so this doesn’t always apply.

Obviously, if you wake up one morning and find out you have no food for your dog, then the nearest shop will do, but if you buy regularly and in bulk, or you have more than one dog and want to save some money, then you could buy your dog food from a wholesaler. This generally works out easier and cheaper and you can buy many other groceries cheaper from the same place.

Dog Food Suppliers is a matter of choice, and it probably doesn’t matter how much a product is, or how friendly the staff is, in this busy world, it all comes down to convenience! The closest, fastest, easiest supplier will just have to do! Every now and again, sit down and think to yourself though if you could save money if you bought from another supplier, or if you could get bigger cans or bags from another supplier. You may find that your favorite dog food supplier was not actually the best supplier for you!

Why should you invest in water filter?

A water filter is a must to ensure clean water and good health. Tap water or unfiltered water is often laden with chemicals and harmful contaminants. A trusted and independently tested water filter like propur water filter will clear out all the unwanted substances and present clean and safe water for you. If you are sincerely contemplating about getting a water filter, the post below will surely inspire you.

Removes harmful bacteria

Water filter filters out disease-causing contaminants like bacteria from your drinking or cooking water. A number of diseases are water-borne and are caused due to the presence of harmful germs in water. In fact, some of the water-borne diseases could be fatal as well. Filtered water leaves you of such risks and assures healthy germ-free water for your family.

Chlorine removal

Chlorine is added to water for decontamination prior to distribution as drinking water locally. Chlorine is undoubtedly needed for keeping bacteria and germs at bay but could pose serious health risks. In fact, drinking water laden with chlorine can abet cancer risks. This is where a water filter comes to help. Modern water filters can remove chlorine leftover from drinking water so that you can have a safe glass.

Lessens limescale

We all have experiences of hard water. It’s all due to the presence of the chalky limescale deposits in water that not only make it hard but also ruin its taste. Moreover, limescale deposits lead to unwanted buildups in water pipes as well as appliances and that’s dangerous for their overall longevity. A water filter is much needed here to reduce limescale deposits in cooking or drinking water.

Relieves water of heavy metals

Tap water tends to carry different heavy metals such as arsenic, lead or mercury which are dangerous for health. If you install a water filter, you can relieve your drinking water of all these harmful metals.

Better health

Based on the above pointers, it is already clear that water filter will always assure good health and disease-free life for you and your family.


You might mention about bottled water when we are discussing about clean safe water. But, the truth is bottled water production is expensive and taxing for the environment. It takes around 17 million oil barrels annually to manufacture plastic bottles. Then, it exhausts immense energy to transport these plastic bottles across the world. Not only that, 80 percent bottled water gets dumped in landfills which further endanger the environment. Along with that, count your personal expenses for buying bottled water on regular basis. 

If you invest in water filter, you will get safe water daily at a much lesser cost than getting bottled water regularly. Moreover, one small step from your side (investing in water filter) will also save the environment. More people will use water filter at home, there will be lesser demand for bottled water and hence less pressure on the environment. Put simply, getting a water filter would be an eco-friendly and economical choice.

Tastes good

Yes, filtered water is not only safe but it tastes good as well. As filtration sifts out chemicals from water, what you get is only sweet nice-smelling water for your family. 

Pen and Wash – What to Take Outdoors

Creating beautiful pen and wash in a kitchen or studio is a comfort. But what if you want to work outdoors? To do this, you need to take a few things with you. I narrowed down nine essentials you will need to enjoy pen and wash and the great outdoors at the same time.

Art supplies

A real must if you are going to paint outdoors. Your basic items are paint, pens, brushes, sketch journal, paper towels or rags, plus anything else you use in your painting process.

Sketch board or easel

If your sketch journal or pad does not have a strong backing to hold your paper flat on your lap you will need a sketch board or easel to keep the paper steady. Sketch boards come in different material so get one that is portable and lightweight.


If you enjoy sitting on rocks or fallen tree stumps then skip this, but if I know you a stool will be a godsend. Stools come in different sizes and configuration to fit your definition of comfort. Some are lightweight. A little comfort from home will not restrict your talent or dampen your woodland spirit.


Aside from your beverages, remember to take two bottles of water; one for you and one for your pen and wash.


If you want to look like Poncho Villa or Indiana Jones, fine. But your focus is to protect your head, face and neck. Get one that is collapsible. You do not want the hat cord tugging at your throat all day when you’re not wearing it.


Select hiking shoes are comfortable all day and can handle many terrains. Leave the slippers, loafer and cowboy boots in the closet; they have their place in your social life, but not in the woods.


You just never know how long you will be out there, as well as, any unexpected delays and interruptions. Depending on your diet, select nutritional snacks that keep your appetite at bay and keep your energy up. Beef jerky, peanut butter crackers and granola bars are what keeps me going until I think I have captured what I want or until it gets dark.

Umbrella and flashlight

An umbrella will protect you from the sun’s rays when it gets too hot. Also, it will protect you from unexpected showers that creep up on you. Get a collapsible one to make carrying easier. A flashlight is handy if you over extend your stay in the woods.

Cell phone

Thanks to modern technology, you are never too far away from civilization if you get into a bind or need to have someone bring you that brush you forgot. 

The list can go on and on where individual taste dictates. But the list above is a good start to have a fun and safe time outdoors creating your pen and wash. Enjoy. With the enjoyment, the reviews can be checked at https://www.paintingkits.net/. After the view of the reviews, the experience and interest of the person in painting will be increased as per the taste. 

How To Mow Your Lawn Perfectly? – Instructions You Should Follow!

Lawn mowing is an important part that helps to keep the grass healthy. You should always keep this thing in mind before getting started. Mowing grass is simple, but most of the homeowners do it in the wrong way. Some professionals also get it wrong, and that’s you need to be aware of some essential things related to this task. You should always try to keep some important tips in mind to cut the grass. With the help of this, you can maintain your lawn in a perfect condition that will also add value to your home. 

Before going to start your work, you should learn how to mow, and when you should start this task to succeed. It is also important to understand the tips which have been provided by experts. If you are still confused about how to mow your lawn perfectly and without wasting a lot of time, then you should keep reading this post. Make sure you have enough knowledge about the different power tools used for mowing the lawn. 

You should always mow the lawn whenever it requires. Never start mowing the lawn as per your desire. Your single mistake can affect the growth of grass and the entire look of your lawn.  It is the reason why you should follow the effective tips that we are going to discuss in further paragraphs. 

Buy a lawnmower 

To mow the lawn in a correct manner, you should get assistance from the power tool like a lawnmower. It is a type of device that can be used to mow the land in an effective manner. Using this tool can make your task easier. You don’t need to spend a lot of time mowing your land. All you need to do is to use the mower in order to get your task done in no time. Plenty of lawnmowers are out there, but all of them are not the same. Some are operated by electricity whereas others are petrol operated. Know your requirements and the size of your lawn before going to buy the lawnmower. 

After picking the right type, you should pay attention to the other important factors. Check whether it comes with other accessories or not. You also need to know its brand, price, and features. By doing this, you are able to make the right choice quickly. With the help of using the top best lawnmower, you can deal with the lawn mowing task in a professional manner. 

Tips you should keep in mind 

Buying a lawnmower is important, but you also need to take some other important things into consideration. While using this powerful tool, you need to keep some tips in mind to accomplish the task properly. Some of these tips are listed below- 

  • start with the sharp blades 

While getting started, you should make use of the sharp blades. Using dull mower blades is one of the most common mistakes that many homeowners do. The sharp blades can cut the grass cleanly, whereas the dull blades torn the grass instead of cutting it. Make sure the blades of the mower are sharp. If the blades are not sharp, then replace them, but you must be careful while changing the blades. 

  • pay attention to the height 

Cutting the grass is not a piece of cake, and that’s why you need to take some important things in mind. The height of the grass is the crucial thing that you should be taken care of. While cutting the grass, you should only cut 1/3rd of the length of the grass. Never cut the grass more than it, and it will help to keep the grass greener and stronger. To cut the grass in the right manner, you need to adjust the height of the grass. 

  • always mow the dry lawn 

If your lawn is wet, then you shouldn’t mow it because it may create lots of problems for you. You should leave it to dry, and then you can use the lawnmower to mow the grass. Always avoid the mow the wet grass because it may affect your lawn. Always wait until it becomes dry and then start your process. Well, it is one of the beneficial tips that can help you a lot and provides better results. 

With the help of all these tips, you can easily mow your lawn in a right manner and make it look attractive. 

The final words 

Mowing your lawn can help to add stars to the beauty of your lawn. Without having a good lawnmower, you can’t complete your task perfectly. With the help of Gardeningfreaks, you can read the details related to different lawnmowers, and it will help to ease up the selection process. You also need to take care of some safety tips while using this tool to cut the grass on your lawn.

NYC Apartment Life: 240 West 64th Street

My wife and I lived at the residences at 240 West 64th Street (also named “63 West”) for a long time. Four years or so, 2002-2005/2006. Our apartment as 240 West 64th Street was 3C; right there in the meaty part of the discussion. Not too high up, not too close to street level. The view we had from our third floor apartment was a lovely view of more housing and a dingy courtyard/pit area where people were allowed to, but barely did, pass through. Throughout this time, we were scrounging for different condo for sale to make a move from this place. 

I will always remember 240 West 64th Street for what it could have been: A great neighborhood institution, a place where family could feel comfortable sending off students to go to school, safe in the knowledge that they would always be well taken care of by the kind and attentive staff. A place my then girlfriend/now wife and I could and still do call home for their fair rental increases and no nonsense services. Sadly, none of that is true.

240 West 64th Street is a freely passed-through place full of the dregs of society. Our downstairs neighbor used to clog the vents with marijuana smoke and would always start laughing when I’d plead with him to smoke out another window. Still, every time I passed him in the halls or the elevator, he’d act as though we were good friends. “Jessssssseeee!”

The service staff at 240 West 64th Street is not at all on top of things. One winter weekend, on Friday, our living room wall near my computer desk began filling up with water. Alarmed and glad that it was still late morning on Friday we had figured someone would be able to show up before the end of the day. Front desk instead told me that there would be no way to get anyone out at this late an hour (aren’t there 24 hour emergency services for this kind of thing? Or is ‘someone else’s busted pipes and my wall filling up with someone else’s bath or toilet water’ not enough of an emergency?) They assured us that they would work very hard to get someone out by Monday for an emergency fix.

In fact no one ever showed that weekend or ever. Once the laminate paint filled like a bubble, my genius wife decided we should pop this thing and ‘drain it’ ourselves. That’s what we did and the water continued briefly. When the maintenance staff said they would come have a look at it and get the necessary tools to fix it, they never did. The wallpaper hung over that wall like discarded lard on a jelly-fish and was never repaired. We stayed in that apartment for another year and were always reminded of the apathy of our building management; forced to live side-by-side with this floppy, exhausted, flushed out wallpaper.

I’m now looking at apartments and I happened back across their website. Looks like the same guys running the joint. While their current web presence is a lot snappier than when I lived there, that doesn’t fix sub-par management. I actually happened by there the other day (early) and woke up their front desk/overnight guy. The insides of the office look new, but some things never change. I’d heard that 240 West 64th Street was a lot more interested in marketing itself as something of a temporary-stay hotel type situation with some furnished rooms accommodating for a large part of their business.

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