Top Foursteps To Scrape Business Leads From White Pages Without Any Cost

White pages is also known as a telephone directory that contains information related to the name, cellular number, and address of a specific person. In the past, the phonebook comes in the printed book, but now it is available online. If you want to find something, you just have to enter the details, and the results will be shown to you. With lots of information available, sometimes, it becomes necessary to collect the data in one place. This helps to ensure that you don’t have to go back and do the searching process again and again.

In the guide, we would like to tell you about the tips and tricks that you can apply to extract the name, address, number, and email for the business you like. To make the process easy, you have to read the article carefully. If you are from France, then you can also extract the pages blanches de France télécom. The reason is that the procedure is the same for all. You will also get an option to take the list to a specific folder of your choice. Let us discuss the steps to scrape business leads from white pages for free below.

  • Downloading the scraper software

The first that you need to do is download and install the right scraper software. It is because to ensure that you don’t find any difficulty in extracting the details. You don’t have to worry as searching for the best app is a hassle-free task. Once the download is complete, now you have to install the software according to your needs. When the setup is done, then you need to click on the new project or start a project that is mentioned on the URL.

  • Selecting the name of the business

Once the project begins, you have to choose the select tool and then click on the dialog box that appears on the screen. It will give the data related to the highlighted business. The second step is to click on the other company details. You will see the term in the green section and go back to the page to see whether there is something unselected or not. If the name is not chosen, then make sure to select that as well. Now, you have to rename the selected ones to businesses.

  • Scraping the telephone numbers

You have to click on the add button to start entering the data and adding the relative command option. This helps to create a relation between the name of business and telephone numbers. It is time to add the telephone numbers to the list, and you will see the number listed to the side of the name of that person. You can also change the language in the setting options and then return to the pages blanches de France télécom.

  • Scraping the address

The step is similar to the above one. There is one thing that has changed in the column, and it is to add another select command. Click on the name of the business and then add an address to it.

To sum up, these are the top steps that you need to follow the scrape business leads from white pages without any cost. Always make sure to do the process carefully.


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