Breeds of Dog That Are Best For Personal Protection

Surely, there are a lot of dog breeds that were naturally created to provide protection and safety to us. Hence, over the years, new breeds were created that give us even more helpful pets. If you are considering owning a dog for your home and family protection, you need to understand that there are specific breeds that fall under the category of protection dogs. This will give you an idea on what type of dogs you must consider and the underlying factors that you have to take into consideration as well. So to help you out, here are the best protection dogs that you may consider.

Belgian Malinois

This breed is protection dog is considered as the most popular military and police working dog in the entire world. Belgian Malinois has the ability to perform some tricks and stunts that other dogs can’t do. This is also a high-energy breed of dog that was created to provide service in military for more than 100 years already.

German Shepherd

Another breed of dog that is ideal for protection and safety is the German shepherd. This breed still remains the most commonly used dogs in breeding military and police working placements. They are described as stable and strong dogs that provide utmost protection to its owners.

Dutch Shepherd

Another popular protection dog that you may want to own is the Dutch shepherd. Just like any other protection dogs in our list, Dutch shepherd is also known for its athletic figure, high energy and active daily lifestyle.

Belgian Tervuren

The Belgian tervuren is considered as the version of Belgian Malinois that is long coated. It is also known as a different breed by their registry in the breeds of dog. Belgian Tervuren also excels in providing safety and protection.


Honestly, among our top lists of protection dogs, Rottweiler is considered as one of the best personal protection dogs that exist. They are described as sturdy build and string dogs that have athleticism. This breed of dog is very serious and they do not take well to all strangers.

Doberrman Pinscher

Another breed of dog that works well in protecting owners is the Doberrman Pinscher. They have athletic features and intimidating look that make them perfectly fit is scaring out intruders or ‘bad guys’. They are widely used in police and military operations as well.

Giant Schnauzer

Another intimidating breed of dog is the Giant schnauzer. While they are not that popular like any other protection dogs, Giant schnauzer is still one of the best choices when it comes to personal protection and safety.

The Bouvier

The Bouvier is also widely used in personal protection work. This breed of dog performs well as a guard dog and some of them, considering as they were properly trained, can be very helpful even in more serious situations. They may not be popular but the bloodline of protection working ability is still evident on their attributes and abilities.

Ultimately, there is wide variety of breeds of dogs that you can choose if you want to own a protection dog. However, you must be able to understand all the necessary factors when taking good care of them. Hence, providing them with proper training should be your number one priority.

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