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Top-Notch Games Identical To The Rise Of Kingdoms!

Rise of kingdoms is a widely-played game all over the world. It is a quite exciting game with 11 different civilizations with unique features and troops, units, and a leader. There are 27 unique heroes, and you can choose any one of them to lead your kingdom and reach new heights. You have to get your kingdom at the top by attacking other kingdoms and beating them. You are the king of your city, and you need to decide what the best for your kingdom is. You can launch a war against other kingdoms, or can out all your efforts in helping your people and enhancing their life.

You can launch or join any battle on the map and can also exit the war anytime you want to leave and learn more tricks and strategies from the rok guide. You can form some friends too in the game and can even help them out by sending your troops to their cities when they get attacked. You can also attack the city that has attacked your friend’s city and shock them. You need to transform your clan from an ordinary city to the king city. Various identical games have been launched, so if you don’t want to play the rise of kingdoms but are looking for the same gameplay, you can check out these options.

Some fantastic games like the rise of kingdoms

  • Age of empires – Castle Siege

It is a popular game having the same theme of the rise of kingdoms. It is developed by the popular game developing company and is compatible with different platforms such as iOS, windows, and android. The game is readily available on all devices and is completely free of cost but have some completely optional in-game purchases. You get troops to fight and can control them in the state of war, which makes the game more strategy-oriented.

  • Call of duty heroes

It is another version of the highly popular game Call of Duty developed by Activision. It is easily available on all the operating software. If you love shooting and are looking for a game like the rise of kingdoms, then this is the best game that can offer you both in one game. The heroes are from the call of dusty series, which makes it more unique and appealing. All leaders have their exceptional skills and can help you a lot in winning the battles easily. Wins help you earn fabulous prizes and rewards, and if you stay consistent and log in daily, you can enjoy exclusive premium currency and other attractive prizes.

  • Total war battles: Kingdom

It is the first preference of users looking for a game identical to the rise of kingdoms as it offers a bit more intense gameplay than the rise of kingdoms, which is highly thrilling and enjoyable. You need to build your kingdoms but also have to fight battles when it is necessary to save your kingdom and people. All the responsibility of developing the city is on your shoulders, and you also have to protect it from enemy kingdoms. With each battle, you get to enhance your army and make it stronger.

To conclude, it is irrefutable that the rise of kingdoms is a fantastic game, but these games are identical to it, and some of them even have better features and aspects than the rise of kingdoms.

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