Activities in the Snow for Kids

Snow for Kids Activities in the 1

One of the best parts of winter is the arrival of snow. Snow opens up a whole world of fun activities for the entire family. Below is a list of activities that children can enjoy. As with all activities, be sure to supervise for safety and security. There are many great ways for kids to enjoy the outdoors during winter.

A great snow activity is to go sledding. Sledding is affordable and fun. If you don’t have a sled, you can use a trash can lid, lunch tray, garbage bag or even just slide down on your back. Find a hill and have fun. Remember to be safe. Check the hill first for rocks or anything that could hurt on the way down.

Snow for Kids Activities in the 1

Skiing can be a lot of fun for kids. Many resorts and snow parks offer classes for children to learn to ski. Not only is it a lot of fun, but it’s also great exercise, and a sport that kids can continue with for many years to come.

For those kids who don’t want to ski, snowboarding can be a great alternative. Many snow parks offer classes to teach kids how to snowboard. Kids can start off on the bunny slopes and work their way up to more difficult runs. Like skiing, snowboarding is great exercise and can be continued for many years.

Snow for Kids Activities in the 1

Snowball Fights
A classic snow activity, snowball fights can be a lot of fun for kids. All it takes is a pile of snow, packed into a ball. Be sure not to pack the snow too tight, as it can hurt on contact. Snowball fights are an inexpensive, fun way to enjoy the snow outside.

Snow Angels
Another classic snow activity, snow angels are a great way for kids to enjoy the snow. Just lie on your back and move your arms and legs from side to side. When you stand up, the impression you made in the snow will look like an angel. This is a simple, safe and easy way for kids to have fun in the snow.

Snow for Kids Activities in the 1Build Snowmen
Building a snowman is a great activity for the entire family to do together. Grab items from around the house to decorate your snowman and see what you can make. Older kids may want to try making other types of snow structures, like an igloo or a sculpture.

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