Planning a Summer Wedding

Planning a Summer Wedding

Summer is the season for weddings, despite the warm temperatures. Planning a summer wedding requires a few extra considerations and practical plans to ensure a pleasant event. Comfort should be the first thing that comes to mind when the planning begins. Remember it’s the little things that can make a difference for a summer wedding. Starting a ceremony an hour later, encouraging casual dress and offering items to keep cool helps guests stay comfortable and enjoy a summer wedding.

Things You’ll Need:

  • Moisturizer, foundation or powder with SPF Sunblock Bug spray Fans Ice-cold hand towels Bottled water Tent
  • Moisturizer, foundation or powder with SPF
  • Sunblock
  • Bug spray
  • Fans
  • Ice-cold hand towels
  • Bottled water
  • Tent

Planning a Summer Wedding

Step 1

Send save-the-date announcements. Summers are prime time for vacations, camps, family reunions and other activities. Send save-the-date announcements early so guests can mark the wedding on their calendar and plan around the date.

Step 2

Schedule an evening wedding. Avoid the hot afternoon sun by planning an evening wedding. Remember the sun sets later in the summer so there is more evening to enjoy. Protect yourself with a moisturizer, foundation or powder containing SPF. Supply unscented sunblock and bug spray to all attendants. Consider placing a basket with sunblock and bug spray in the bathroom for guests.

Planning a Summer Wedding

Step 3

Provide relief from the sun and heat. Consider holding the wedding ceremony outside, but the wedding reception inside. Place fans on guest’s chairs or pass ice-cold hand towels just before the ceremony begins. Put baskets of water near the entrance for guests to pick up as they arrive. Reserve a tent for outdoor wedding receptions. Some tents include portable air-conditioning systems. Rent fans to position around the tent. Provide plenty of cold beverages and water.

Step 4

Choose appropriate attire. The wedding party and guests should feel comfortable—not hot, sticky and sweaty. Choose a light, breathable fabric such as silk. Select a shorter dress for bridesmaids. The groom and his attendants can opt for linen suits. Consider guest comfort when planning a summer wedding. Requesting formal attire for an outdoor wedding is not appropriate. Suggesting comfortable sundresses and khaki pants is more appropriate.

Planning a Summer Wedding

Step 5

Serve light foods and cold beverages. Try summer fruits and vegetables with grilled entrees. Hot summer months and heavy foods are not a winning combination. Consider a non-traditional dessert such as fruit pies, Popsicles or fruit skewers. Provide plenty of water and non-alcoholic drinks. Serve frozen cocktails with summer flavors such as watermelon, cucumber and mango.

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