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How To Check Spanish News In English

If you want to follow recent events in Spain, you can do so by checking Spanish news in English. This is even more helpful for those aiming to learn Spanish and already fluent in English, and also vice versa. Certain news agencies have language and/or edition options for English and Spanish, and you can read both simultaneously to learn both the languages better. You can have direct access to news translated from Spanish through various channels as discussed below.

  1. Spanish news channels in English

With the advent of internet, news websites have their own websites. One of the best ways to have access to Spanish news in English is by resorting to a news website that offers both English and Spanish versions of major news stories, such as El País or the Miami Herald (Nuevo Herald). El País is Spain’s largest newspaper, and it caters to interests of all its readers by providing news both in the English and Spanish languages. Both of these have their respective apps as well, in case you want to read news while on the go. However these apps do not support English language. While Nuevo Herald can be read in English by downloading the Miami Herald app, El País can be read in English only on their website. Reading Spanish news translated to English is one of the best ways to get hold on some Spanish vocabulary and usage. While the news in these channels are mostly related o Spain, they also have various sections like world news, sports, culture, economy etc., and you can choose to read from either of these depending on your interests. By following these news channels online or on mobile apps, you can learn both Spanish and English just as fluently. Most of the news in Spanish is translated in English in their respective versions.

  1. English news channels in Spanish

Certain news channels like CNN and BBC also have their Spanish versions online. The same English news headlines can be read in Spanish in the respective versions. These news channels are two of the biggest news agencies in the world, and for the right reasons. It is expected that these will have their respective apps as well as websites in Spanish language, thereby increasing their reach. These news channels cater to different categories like news in USA, Latin America as well as world news, and other generic sections like economy, lifestyle, market scenarios, sports and culture. One can choose to read either of these sections, depending on one’s interest, in both English and Spanish languages. Their apps and websites are pretty interactive and one can enjoy reading news articles or watch news videos online from their mobile devices, cell phones or tablets. However you need separate apps for CNN and BBC for English and Spanish versions. If you are someone who speaks fluent Spanish and wants to learn English, CNN and BBC offer you the best ways, while also keeping your current affairs refreshed and updated.

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