Clawfoot Tub Shower Curtain Rod You Can Make Yourself

A clawfoot tub adds timeless beauty to your bathroom. But turning a clawfoot tub into a functional shower can be tricky. Ready-made clawfoot tub shower curtain rods are expensive and come in ranging sizes, which may or may not fit your needs. It’s much easier to make a custom clawfoot tub shower curtain rod to your exact measurements. And best of all, your easy-to-make rod will cost less than a ready-made one. Whether you are looking to add privacy to your clawfoot tub or water containment, this curtain rod offers an easy clawfoot tub shower solution.

Step 1, Hardware

This easy to make clawfoot tub shower curtain rod is actually made from ordinary metal curtain rods, ornate metal rod endings, and matching metal curtain tie-backs. The amount of hardware will vary depending on how many curtain sides you wish to have around your clawfoot tub. You can click on shutters shop near you to get to know about the best shutter shops around you where you can find the best material for your clawfoot tub.

Surround clawfoot tub on 2 sides: you will need 3 curtain tie-backs, 2 curtain rods, and four ornate curtain endings.

Surround clawfoot tub on 3 sides: you will need 4 curtain tie-backs, 3 curtain rods, and 6 ornate rod endings.

Surround clawfoot tub on 4 sides: you will need 4 curtain tie-backs, 4 curtain rods, and 8 ornate rod endings.

Be sure to buy curtain endings that curl or twist in a way that will allow each rod to connect to the next as in the picture accompanying this article.

Step 2, Construction

You will be attaching the curtain tie-backs on the ceiling, and using the tie-back section to hang your rod on. Therefore, position the tie-backs on the ceiling so the loop is in the right position to support the shower curtain rod parallel to the tub. It’s best to hang the shower curtain rod a few inches outside the tub, so the curtain hangs out of the way.

Begin by attaching two curtain tie-backs from the ceiling over one side of the tub, one at each end. Slip the rod into the tie-backs and attach the ornate rod endings at both ends. This will complete the construction of one side of your clawfoot tub shower curtain rod.

Slip a second rod into one of the endings of the first, to form a right angle. Since you’ve chosen a curling rod end, the two rods can be twined into each other, thereby saving you the need to attach another curtain tie-back overhead to support this end of the rod. You will still need to attach one at the other end, of course, to keep the rod up. This will complete the construction of two sides of your clawfoot tub shower curtain rod.

If you need to install one or two more sides of the curtain rod over your clawfoot tub, simply repeat the previous steps.

Step 3, Shower Curtain

One shower curtain will cover the length of your clawfoot tub or two sides of the width. Buy as much shower curtain as your clawfoot tub requires, and be prepared to cut it down to size and hem along the edges if needed.

Step 4, Curtain Hooks

Using curtain hooks to hang your shower curtain from your clawfoot tub rod. If your ceiling is very high, it will be impossible for you to hang the shower curtain directly from your curtain rod, as the curtain will be absurdly high. Therefore, rather than use curtain hooks, create curtain hooks yourself from a shower curtain. Just measure the distance from your shower curtain rod and where you would like your curtain to begin. Then cut a shower curtain into strips that are 2.5 times longer than this length. Leave fabric on the side for hemming. Then use these strips of fabric to create tied hooks that suspended your curtain at the appropriate level.

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