Common Causes Of PS4 Controller Charging Issues And Their Best Possible Fixes!

PlayStation is the dream of every gamer because of the mind-blowing features it offers. The gaming experience provided by PS4 is impeccable and will give an unforgettable feel. The accessories are the essential part of the gaming consoles because, without the accessories such as controller, the console is incomplete. Nowadays, the controllers for ps4 are available in various designs and can add some stars to your gaming experience, but the worst situation is when the controller stops working. It might be some issue related to charging as they run on batteries, which needs to be recharged after a specific period of time.

The wireless controller gives you a great feel but also has some downfalls as if it stops charging; you won’t be able to play the game. Charging issues is one of the most common problems faced by PS4 users as the controller suddenly stops getting charged, and it is quite an irritating issue. You can get a custom controller for PS4 2019 that fits perfectly with your needs and requirements, and you can also get some additional batteries in case any charging issue surfaces.

Most common causes of charging issues in the PS4 controller

Dead batteries

As the controller gets old, the batteries get used up, and after a certain period, the batteries die as they have a limited life. You must replace them at regular intervals to avoid facing this issue. If your PS4 controller suddenly stops charging, then there are good chances that its batteries are dead.

The issue in the cable

Like the batteries, the cables also have limited life, and if you don’t use them with the care, they can get damaged and stop working. Any cut or bruise on the charging cable can hinder the passage of current through it and stop your controller form getting charged.

Broken port

A broker port can be the cause for your controller not getting charged. A faulty port doesn’t allow the current to pass to the controller and stops it from charging. You must plug in the cable carefully in the port as any carelessness can cause massive damage to the port.

Best ways to fix the charging issue in the PS4 controller

Take a look at the charging port

It is one of the most popular causes of the charging issues, so if you are facing any problem in charging your PS4 controller, then you must use its charging port. For a clear idea, you can connect the joystick with other devices with a USB port such as a laptop, and if the controller is charging using that port, then the issue is with your consoles instead of the controller. You can continue using the port of that device as it will affect your gameplay in no way, and you will be able to keep your controller fully charged. If you don’t like charging your controller form any other device, then you can get the port fixed but consult a professional for doing that.

Reset the PS4 controller

It is an easy way to fix the charging issue in your PS4 controller. It is quite a successful trick as resetting the controller removes all the issues, and there are good chances that the charging problem will also be fixed. But you must ensure before resetting it that it is not connected with the console as it might damage it.

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