Condos and Lighting–scaling the Heights of the residential apartments!

Question: My condo has very limited storage space, certainly not enough to store a six foot ladder just to replace the light bulbs on my ceiling fixtures. I actually like the frosted glass fixtures I have, but they adhere to the wall via three very tight clips, one of which is spring-loaded. My ceilings are 9 feet tall. I’m fairly tall, but these fixtures really are beyond my reach. Until very recently, I had been relying on my dad to change them when he visits, but he lives 300 miles away. Help!

High ceilings definitely make a small condo home more spacious!

I am a real estate agent of Los Angeles Condos who has focused on the condo and loft market in the Twin Cities for the last six years. This question really does highlight both the attractions and challenges of Condo Living. Generally speaking, condos represent a much safer housing option for people who live alone; however, they require the sacrifice of storage space.

Some home owners’ association groups have programs to loan out ladders and other tools to occupants, but this is a sign of a fairly developed and evolved association. Many of today’s condo buildings were not even constructed until 2007! Moreover, many units in these buildings remain brand new'”vacant given the downturn of the condominium market. Consequently, home owners’ associations remain under the control of developers. It can be difficult for actual homeowners to get organized to get sophisticated sharing programs in place. To know about the spacing, the Pasir Ris Central floor plan will be beneficial for the buyer. The architectural engineering can draw the scales of the floor.

If you are a condo owner and can relate, I think it’s definitely legitimate to ask for help from friends and family members! Approximately 33 million Americans are injured in their own homes each year. That figure pertains only to those injured seriously enough to require medical attention. Of nonfatal home injuries, the most common type is a fall. As it turns out, the elderly make up a large and growing portion of condominium owners. For them'”or anyone who experiences dizzy spells, the stakes rise even higher.

To reduce the danger and inconveniences involved, I think any condo owner should consider investing in compact fluorescent light (CFL) bulbs. CFL bulbs are designed to last at least six times longer than comparable incandescent bulbs. Depending on usage, that could mean changing a set of three once every three years instead of once every six months. Yes, they are more expensive. However, in terms of ongoing energy use, typically CFL bulbs consume four times less energy. This will help you recoup the costs of the more expensive bulbs quite quickly.

Finally, a few thoughts on ceiling fixtures themselves: from the globes, sockets, bulbs, reflectors, insulators, and wires'”they come in an unlimited variety of styles and designs to fascinate the homeowner. This homeowner likes the absence of hanging materials'”no chains, straps, screws. The fixtures almost look like teacup saucers so I’m not surprised they require extra effort.

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