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How to Promote Your AC Content on Kaboodle

New ways and websites to promote your AC content are only limited by the number of social bookmarking and networking sites made available. As social networking websites become more tailored and specific to the members who use them it becomes easier for you, an AC Content Producer, to promote your AC content within the online community. You can take help from Instagram and get free followers on Instagram that will help you in improving your reach. Another such online platform that you can use is Kaboodle is one of those websites, created for those who love to shop, organize information, and create lists of recommendations for other users.

Once registered on Kaboodle there is plenty to do and even more networks to explore. From creating shopping lists to recommending travel destinations, there are several ways to share your knowledge and interests while promoting your content on Kaboodle.

Here are some tips on how to promote your AC content on Kaboodle.

What is Kaboodle?

Kaboodle is a social shopping community that has evolved into a social network where users can not only create shopping wish lists but also organize websites that interest them, keep track of their favorite products, recommend restaurants, travel companies, and online deals.

After registering on the website you are can install a Kaboodle button on your toolbar that allows you to quickly add your content to your profile. By creating lists you can quickly and easily introduce your content to members, interacting in the groups and forums provides you with more ways to share your knowledge.

How to Use Lists to Promote Your AC Content

At the heart of Kaboodle are the lists that users create, so this is where you want to start with your promotion efforts. A good list, of any information, consists of at least five items with a common theme. Try to keep your lists to one topic, this helps lead the right readers to your content.

To determine the type of list you want to create, look over your AC content and select articles that are based on the same topic. Using my own content as an example, here are some lists I could create and the articles I would include a link to on Kaboodle.

– Five Beauty Products I Can’t Live Without: Include beauty product reviews

– My Favorite Fitness Finds: Include reviews of fitness equipment, guides to fitness apparel websites, reviews of fitness DVDs, a guide to online workouts

– Best Chicago Restaurants You Should Try: Include restaurant reviews

Fill Out Your Profile

One of the first things you should do on Kaboodle, even before the lists, is to fill out your profile. Once you begin to become active members will want to know a little about you, after all it is a social networking site. Make sure you include details about your interests and the fact that you like to try to search for and try new products and websites. The more information you provide about yourself, the more users will look and connect with you.

Join Groups and Connect

Creating lists of your content is great, but you want as many eyes as possible to see those lists. So, join groups and connect with other members by adding them as friends. Search for those with similar interests and send them a request. Look through the thousands of groups and find the ones that you know you can contribute to.

Members don’t just shop the internet for new things to add to their own lists, they shop each other’s list to find things they might also like. This is where the social shopping part plays a part, by joining groups and making friends you can share knowledge and information.

Comment and Post

Within each group are forums where members seek advice, tell about a new find, or talk about their lists. Posting in these forums gives you more opportunities to promote your content because you can share your own lists with a member who is looking for a specific product. At the very least it just gets your profile out there for more members to click and discover your list. Commenting on the items in other lists has the same result.

The potential for promoting your AC Content on Kaboodle is only limited by the number of lists you create. You already did the work by creating the content, now all you have to do is list it.

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