Improving Your Walls And Floor Fabulously With Tiles

Tiles are great addition for any home today, and they don’t simply come perfect for bathroom and kitchen use. They’re perfect for walls and floors in different areas of a house as well. It’s even great to consider dalle podotactile on your yard, especially if somebody has visual impairment in your family.

Be sure, however, to know more about tiles before installing them. This is to make the most out of tile decoration, and avoid nasty unneeded expenses when things go wrong.

What to Learn about using Tile for Decorating your Home

Basically, you have to know some big reasons to use tiles for decorating walls and floors in your house. Then, have some ideas how to install it properly for great results.

Why use Tiles for Decorating Floors and Walls

  1. Undoubtedly, tiles scores high in terms of aesthetics. Tiled walls look more fabulous than merely painted ones, as well as tiled floors looking sleek and luxurious than concrete or wood. Tiles also come in different colors, sizes, materials, patterns and shapes, meaning you’d have more room to be creative in using them. Think of mimicking the appearance of wood or stone surfaces through tile decorations.

  2. Tiles also have a wide price range, meaning you can find affordable to expensive options. It’s even easy to find affordable yet quality tiles depending on its materials today. And sometimes, it’s more affordable to use tiles in making a wall or floor look better, in comparison with traditional concrete, hardwood or stone.

  3. Maintenance is another big reason for you to choose tile decoration. It’s easy to clean and maintain, since you only have to do some scrubbing or wiping. Compare cleaning a beautiful tiled floor than washing a heavy carpet. Undoubtedly, the latter is tedious, time consuming and costlier.

Tips in Installing Tiles

You see? Tiles are great. But you need to properly install them for best results. Here are some notes to remember:

  1. Begin by buying the right tiles. Think of considering your ideal material such as granite, ceramics or quartz among others. Then, consider color, design, patterns and size. It’s wise to measure the entire area ought to be tiled, so you’d know how many tiles of certain size to buy.

  2. Prepare the wall or floor where you’d install the tiles. Be sure it’s leveled properly without any uneven surfaces. So, consider using self-leveling concrete before installing the tiles.

  3. Prefer using guideboards instead of chalk lines. Chalk lines tend to fade or be covered with grout while applying the tiles. That’s quite problematic when you begin with the next set of tiles. Whereas using guideboards would let you have a more stable line to follow.

  4. Now, prepare the grout or thin-set properly. The key is, you must make it slower to dry, so you’d have enough time putting on the tiles. Consider damping the floor or wall surface first, since it stops water from grout to be absorbed quickly. Also, using latex with water for the grout is a great idea because it dries slower and has better adhesion.

  5. When you notice excess grout squeezing out of the tiles, be sure to clean it up immediately. Use pencil. Pen, stick, tile spacer or other applicable tools. You don’t want squeezed-out grout to get dry before you clean it.

These are the important info you must know in decorating your walls and floor with tiles. Be sure to keep them in mind for fabulous results.

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