Interested In a Smartphone? Consider The Blackberry Storm

For those of us who aren’t able to get an Apple iPhone, I would say to consider the Blackberry Storm. The Blackberry Storm is only offered through Verizon Wireless and the cost is $199. The Blackberry Storm has 8 GB of space, most of that dedicated to media that you might want to install including movies and music. There are no special colors or anything, it comes in black with silver trim and it is a touchscreen smartphone for those who feel that Blackberry products can’t compete in the smartphone market.

I’ve had my Blackberry Storm since March of 2009 and I love it. Did I want an iPhone at first, absolutely? Especially when it seemed like everyone at my job was getting one, I wanted one badly! After budgeting and research, I purchased the Blackberry Storm. The first few days into it I was getting adjusted to a touchscreen phone. It’s very different than having the buttons in front of you. This is where the Storm is different than other Blackberry products. Products such as the Bold and Curve have the buttons where you can press the letters and know what you’re pressing, but the Storm being a touchscreen has the internal keyboard and you have to press the letters on the internal keyboard. Another impressive thing about this product is when you use it with the best wifi booster, it can deliver you fast and reliable connection.

There are a few things I like about the Storm and some things that I don’t and wish I could change, so let me outline the pros and cons of the Blackberry Storm in my opinion:

Pros of the Blackberry Storm

  1. The price of the Blackberry Storm is very reasonable in comparison to its counterparts. Given that it’s an 8GB it costs $199 which is the same as its competitor – the Apple iPhone. Other phones are much higher and don’t offer nearly the amount of features you get with Blackberry’s Storm.
  2. The themes on the Storm are very flexible. You can take your own pictures and use them as backgrounds fairly easily.
  3. The office applications they have on here are great. You can read word documents, powerpoint presentations, and excel spreadsheets on the go.
  4. The touchscreen is not a pure touchscreen where you can accidentally touch something you didn’t mean to. It uses a technology where you literally press the key like you would on a keyboard. You can see the key light up when you press it so you know you’re pressing the correct key.

Cons of the Blackberry Storm

  1. There are few free applications worthwhile for the Blackberry Storm. Even if you go to the App World, the next price point is $2.99.
  2. There isn’t a lot of memory allocation for downloading programs. The same memory you use to download applications is the same memory you use to hold emails on the Storm. So from time to time you need to clear out your emails and clear up memory in order to download applications and even updates to applications.
  3. There seem to be more business apps available for Blackberry, which is great unless you’re just using it for personal use. I would like to see more fun personal apps for Blackberry Storm.

Overall, I’m happy with the Blackberry Storm and would recommend it to anyone who wants a smartphone that has touchscreen capabilities at a reasonable price. As I said before it’s only available through Verizon Wireless so if you already have Verizon you can look into it, otherwise you’ll have to switch over like I did.

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