Mario Kart: Wii – A Female Player’s Perspective

I have to admit:

I’m not an avid gamer. Most times, I buy a game and get bored with it after a week or two. The PS3 and Xbox 360 are a bit too baffling for me; however, the Nintendo Wii is just my style. After playing everything from Trauma Center to Wii Fit, I finally found my new favorite game. I have to admit; I have become a Mario Kart addict. Whether playing alone, with a partner, or with friends from around the world, Mario Kart has a high level of fun paired with a relatively simple game to play. Besides this, you also have the option of using shaders in order to improve the graphics of your game. With the help of these shaders, you can easily improve the graphics of your game and enjoy Mario Kart on your Wii. 

Graphics and Audio:

If you own a Wii, you already know that they aren’t known for the stunning graphics that the PS3 or Xbox provides. Mario Kart stays true to the traditional characters that many of us know and love. For instance, Mario looks just as he has always looked. Mario Kart offers 32 different tracks (some are new, and some are adapted from older versions of Mario Kart), which range from simple to exciting. Rainbow Road, which is perhaps the most challenging track that I always fall off of, dazzles with its intergalactic feel, bright colors, and dazzling graphics. The music within the game is generally perky and bright, though it does speed up as players enter the third lap of every round. The music doesn’t really add nor take anything away from the race. The sound effects simulate racing nicely, with revving motors, speeding carts, and giant explosions. If anything, the sound effects add more to the game than the music.


I prefer to play Mario Kart as a single-player again the computer, as I am still building skills. However, you may also want to try the online playing modes, in which you can click site to play against games from anywhere in the world. In online mode, players each vote for a course, and one is selected at random. After the race, a player’s score will be increased or decreased, depending on how well he or she played. What’s nice about this mode is that you don’t have to win the race to notice an increase in scores; anything that shows your skills growing can earn you even a slight increase.

As a single-player, you will have a choice between the 100 cc race (only carts, and relatively easy), the 200cc (only bikes, and more difficult), and the 300 cc (a combination of carts and bikes, which can be very tricky). Each course runs for three laps and includes various items to enhance your player’s performance. For instance, you might get a Bullet Bill, which will bring your cart to the front of the pack and knock others over. Or you may get a Mega Mushroom, which increases the size of your player and allows you to run over others. What I like best about Mario Kart is that each race has a different outcome, so it doesn’t become monotonous. I’ve often been surprised by being attacked at the finish line and going from first place to last!


The most creative part of Mario Kart is the use of the Wii Wheel, which fits the Wiimote nicely inside. The wheel is used as a regular steering wheel would be; players just hold it in their hands and turn as need be. The wheel can also be used for tricks; when approaching a ramp, shake the wheel up and down, and your player will do a flip! The various karts and bikes also offer an extra edge to the game; the better you play, the faster you will unlock additional vehicles or characters. The courses themselves are full of sheer drop-offs, interesting scenery and themes, and cool ramps. I find the simple racetracks to be a bit dull, while the themed courses like Wario’s Gold Mine are consistently fun.


Mario Kart is the one game I can constantly say I have fun playing. True, it can get frustrating, but shouldn’t good video games challenge you as you go along? This would be an excellent party game; gather up a few friends, buy some extra Wii Wheels, and set up a race or two. The versatility of the wheel paired with the traditional Nintendo characters and the retro racecourses lets older players feel nostalgic as they play. I imagine that I will continue to play this game even as new ones interest me.

Overall, Mario Kart is a great game! Most stores sell the game paired with the wheel for $49.99, which is a great deal. The game is also rated E for everyone, so young children can enjoy the game as well. It’s a bit difficult to find the game in stores due to the demand being so high, but I’ve had luck finding it at Gamestop. So, grab a copy, a Wheel, and some friends and through yourself a Mario Kart party!

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