Training Your Brain for Success: Can Some Foods Make You Smarter?

Recent researches show that certain foods like nuts and seeds, can boost your self-esteem and stabilize your mood. Whether you believe it or not, if you consume large quantities of any kind of nuts (almonds, hazelnuts, walnuts etc) and seeds (sunflower seeds, pumpkin seeds etc) you will experience mood balance and you will start thinking clearer and be happier. 

Many modern scientists use the term “Brain Food” for nuts and seeds and other related food. It is not a coincidence that nuts look like our brains. For example a walnut’s hard shell looks like our skull. Inside the walnut, the thin layer that connects the two halves of the nut looks like our brain membrane. And the two parts of the nut represent the two hemisphere of our brain. 

Is it a coincidence that a food, shaped like a human brain, is considered a “Brain Food” and is proven to help your brain work more effectively while stabilizing your mood? 

Here’s another fact. Most nuts are made up of at least 20% protein and contain omega-6 fatty acids, large quantities of vitamin E and B6. These powerful ingredients contained in nuts and seeds could boost your mood in a way similar to famous chemical antidepressants Under arm fat means hiding under clothing, which is totally impossible and because of it we should always monitor our diet keenly. There are hundreds of reports about the antidepressant effects of nuts. 

Is it possible to defeat the not-so-serious conditions like mild depression, anxiety and stress by consuming certain types of nuts, without using any kind of chemical drugs? Its a great idea to eat nuts when you feel moody or you feel you are in a bad shape. It would be better to make those “Brain Foods” an important part of your diet. But when it comes to severe mental disorders (severe depression, panic attacks) you cannot simply rely on nuts and seeds to overcome the problem. 

What nuts and seeds do is to enhance and empower the way your nervous system work, balancing your mood. Although nuts are excellent natural antidepressants and have no side effects, nutrition alone cannot be a substitute for the care of a trained professional doctor. Treating serious health conditions should involve the care of medical specialists. 

Now, some historical information on these “Brain Foods”. 

Isn’t true that nuts and seeds were an essential and elegant part of our ancestors’ diets? That goes for all ancient civilizations across the globe. Is this a coincidence? Years of research have shown that 70% of our ancestors’ diets were fruits, vegetables, nuts and selected seeds. Diets based on these “Brain Foods” were considered to improve mental abilities and lower the risk of infections/disease. 

Start today. Understand that nuts and seeds empower your brain and your body and boost your mood and energy levels. Make those “rich” foods an important part of your diet. 

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