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Travel Bags: What Factors To Consider In Getting One?

Travel bags are our go-to bags whenever we, you know, go travel. In essence, any bag can be used for travel and can be considered as a travel bag, for it is just a vessel for all your stuff. As long as a bag can accommodate all your essential things for travel, then surely it will serve as a travel gab. But sometimes, having a bag that can effectively segregate your stuff, as well as give you an easy way of carrying it, then travel bag is all you need.

Anyways, for your next travel, what kind of travel bag should you choose? Well, we have here a couple of questions that can give you an idea on what to pick.

What Kind Of Bag You Need

There are tons of travel bags out there that can be purchased in any local travel supply shops and apparel stores. Here are a few of them and their short description:

  • Duffle Bag

A kind of bag that is usually hung over one shoulder, predominantly used by athletes. An excellent bag for travels that requires a few stuff to carry. Can be either wheeled or in a basic configuration.

  • Travel packs

the most common bags used for travel and its usually a backpack by design. Capacity may vary depending on the model and on its intended use.

  • Carry-on Luggage

these bags are designed to be carried by passengers into the passenger compartment of any vehicles. These are predominantly seen on the passenger compartments of planes and also trains.

  • Laptop Bags and Day Packs

These travel bags are specifically designed for a specific purpose. Laptop bags are for laptops and tablets, while day packs are smaller backpacks that are designed for urban use.

What Key Aspects you Need To Watch Out For

Here are a couple of questions you need to answer first to narrow down your options until you get the best bag you need.

  • How long will I need to travel and how much gear and stuff do I need to bring with me?
  • What kind of gear will I be bringing with me? (clothes and such or other bulky equipment like cameras and stuff).
  • Do I need a wheeled one or a backpack or duffle bag will work?
  • Do I need a compartmentalized bag to segregate my stuff, or just one with a single compartment to hold my gear?
  • Will I be traveling casually or do I need to look professional for my trip?
  • What features do I have to check in a bag? (This includes safety features too)
  • How much will I be willing to spend on one?
  • Is the bag that I will be buying durable enough to last a long time?

Clarifying all these questions can ensure that you will get all the things you need on the bag of your choosing.


Those are the factors you need to ask yourself in choosing your ideal travel bag. For some reason that you are still unsure of what to get, then you can browse online, such as those in Nomatic ( They have there a great lineup of travel bags that will surely suit your preference.

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