8 Best VR Games To Complement Your VR Headset

The gaming world is growing by leaps and bounds. The gaming industry is always one of the first ones to embrace new technologies to offer newer experiences for players.  It has long transcended to online gaming from physical gaming. Games like Connect 4 which were once played on physical boards can now be played online on platforms like Virtual Reality is one of the latest technologies of the 21st century. As usual the gaming scene has welcomed the technology with open arms and has come up with an array of VR games.

Are you too a VR enthusiast and have already got your VR headset? That’s great and here is a brief on some of the best VR games that you can happily play with your VR headset.

I Expect You To Die

Are fond of escape room games? How about having the fun of escape rooms right in your own living room? Well, I Expect You To Die will be just the thing you are looking for here. This amazing VR game revolves round a brave secret agent who has to complete a series of missions to beat a wealthy billionaire supervillain. You will love its quirky graphics and immersive rooms that generate a realistic escape room experience right in your own home. The best part is this game can be enjoyed by kids and adults alike. 

Pistol Whip

This VR game is an amazing blend of both action game and rhythm game. The player here will take the character of a smart spy staged in some alternative world. Your villain’s lair would be extremely bright and vibrant which will surely set the mood for the game. Then, of course, you will have fun music and sound effects that will make your bullets and shots more realistic. in regards to learning curve of the game, it’s really simple but the levels would be highly challenging. 

Tetris Effect

This is another great name on the list here.

Those who love puzzles have already played the game a number of times. But, this time it will be double the fun to play the game in a high-tech VR world. Players who already tried the VR version have posted rave reviews about the awesome soundtrack which do much to bring the game alive in your living room. In fact, new soundtracks have been released last November to make things more interesting for players. 

Beat Saber

Are you a fan of rhythm games and looking for a one for your VR headset? Well, in that case, Beat Saber is sure to intrigue you. It’s a fantastic rhythm game based on VR technology which has already received rave reviews from the players. The game teaches players to dance and groove by hitting varied directional blocks through light sabers. Another great thing about the game is that it keeps on releasing new audio packs occasionally to reward you with new gaming experience every now and then. For those always on the hunt of new challenge, the latest 360-degree and 90-degreechallenges are sure to impress them. 

Vader Immortal

The list would be surely incomplete without the mention of the iconic Vader Immortal. The game revolves around a period which is somewhere between the “Revenge of Sith” and “New Hope”. There are 3 episodes here. The player will don the role of a smuggler who has been captured by Empire. Being held hostage, the player will try to escape, accompanied by his droid accomplice ZO-E3. Over the challenges, the player will learn about his true origins as well as his ultimate mission. 

Robo Recall

If you are a fan of sci-fi superheroes and looking for a VR game with similar theme, this is the game for you. This is an amazing 1st person shooter number where the protagonist would have to stop onslaught of a series of defective robots gone rogue. He would also have to discover the reasons that made these robots “defective”. A brilliant mix of action and humor, this game is going to keep you hooked for hours for sure. The good part is the game is devoid of graphic violence and you can always the game with your child. 

Arizona Sunshine

Would you mind little graphical violence in your VR game? Well, if violence isn’t exactly a problem for you, you can always count on Arizona Sunshine. It’s a thrilling zombie shooter game where you are always on the verge of death and you have to do everything to escape it. The game is set in the deserts of Arizona and you have to tread through abandoned cars, underground tunnels and decrepit cabins to find your safe zone. The game involves lots of dodging and moving so make you have sufficient free space around you when you play the game. 


This is a supercute action-adventure-puzzle game that will be loved by adults and kids alike. The game takes you into an adorable fantasy zone where you will find a little mouse called Quill who will be your accomplice. With Quill by your side, you will have to tread across the Moss woodlands to complete your missions. Your kingdom has been captivated by your enemies. You will have to beat all your enemies in order to rescue the kingdom from their evil grasps. The game has been loved by both experts and players for its amazing VR effects. 

So, which one are you going for?


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