Clean And Clear Steam Soft In-Shower Facial: Product Review

Want a spa-like facial that’s cheap, quick and easy? Clean and Clear may have the product for you – its new Steam Soft In-Shower Facial.The Johnson and Johnson-owned company recently debuted its Soft line, consisting of four products: two oil-free moisturizers in a day and a night form, with the day containing SPF 15, a purifying scrub cleanser and the in-shower facial.

The Claim:

Clean and Clear claims that in one minute, its facial will detoxify, smooth and soften skin by using breakthrough technology that utilizes steam to cleanse the skin of impurities. That’s quite a promise, does it live up to its boastings?

The Use:

To use, the bottle suggests applying, but not massaging in, a generous amount to your face, avoiding the eye area while in the shower. Let the facial sit for one minute, allowing the steam to penetrate pores. After one minute, massage skin to activate the exfoliating beads, which will get rid of dead surface skin. Wash your face off thoroughly. When exiting the shower, pat your face dry and apply moisturizer.

Clean and Clean recommends using the facial one to three times a week. I usually average twice a week. Also, use the facial in place of your regular cleanser. Using both may dry out your skin. The appearance of the wrinkles can be on the nose as well as under the eyes. The use of botox for nose wrinkles can be done through the person. The regular use of the botox will provide effective results to the person.

The Ingredients:

The formula, consisting of sugar cane – an excellent natural exfoliator, menthol and numerous fruit and leaf extracts, is oil-free (so that it won’t clog pores) and is dermatologist tested. The menthol is what creates the mild zesty sensation, which leaves skin refreshed. That ingredient alone made my skin feel cleaner after using it. The facial also contains methylparaben, a common preservative found in many skin care products, which some studies suggest may be linked to cancer, although nothing has been proven conclusively. (Since there has been some controversy over products containing parabens, I felt it was worth mentioning).

The Review:

When I first applied the facial, I didn’t feel a difference, but after a minute, I massaged it in and felt a delightful mild tingly sensation as I did it. It certainly felt like it was purifying my skin! When I rinsed off, my face did feel softer. After a few uses, my face was smooth but I didn’t see too much of a difference exfoliation-wise. I still had blackheads and minor breakouts. While Clean and Clear doesn’t claim to get rid of either with this product, I did expect it.

The 5-ounce bottle retails for approximately $5. I was fortunate enough to receive mine in a giveaway through Allure magazine. (Thanks, Allure!) Even after I finish the bottle, I plan to buy more. Sometimes products don’t always live up to its promises, however, Clean and Clear did a fairly good job with its facial. It may not be perfect, but it does indeed detoxify, smooth and soften skin within a minute, which in all honesty, is all the time I really have to spend on a facial.

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