Electric Shaver Brands – Best Electric Shaver Manufacturers Over The Last Decades

An electric razor is a very common tool nowadays and almost every man had equipped themselves with this gadget in today’s time. Electric razors allow men to groom themselves in the most efficient manner right at their home. However, the history of electric shaver is quite long and it did take time for this invention to become popular like the way it is today. In today’s blog we will discuss more about electric razors and the best brands manufacturing them.

History of Electronic Shavers

Till the 1900s, men would rely on dangerous flint blades to groom themselves. These were really difficult to use and would often lead to severe injuries. In the early years of 1900s, the industry of men’s grooming started to boom when King C. Gillette invented the world’s first safety razor for the people. This razor was absolutely phenomenal which delivered a more precise cut and shave, without the risk of cuts. 20 years later, Col. Jacob Schick patented the world’s first electric shaver. So, since then there has been no looking back, as the invention became a hit among the people around the globe.

Best Electric Shaver Brands Of All Time

  • Braun – founded in 1921, in Frankfurt, Braun Industries was the brainchild of Max Braun, a mechanical engineer. However, in the first few years of it’s existence they would manufacture only radio sets. But, around the mid-1900s, Braun started manufacturing electric shavers. Thanks to their phenomenal design and uncompromising quality, their razors became very popular in the world. It is one of the world’s biggest men’s grooming manufacturer for a long time.
  • Philips Norelco – Phillips is a well known name in the industry. The company has been able set its own league, setting aside other manufacturers. The brand is now a cult classic and has a global community of men following them who want the best products of grooming. Phillips introduced the electric razor back in the 1940s and now they are one of the top brands in this industry. The Shaver 3100 and 6100 are two of their most popular electric shavers in the current market in recent years.
  • Panasonic – the Matsushita Electric or currently known as Panasonic is one of the top three brands when it comes to men’s grooming accessories and gadgets. The brand’s history to manufacture electric razors dates back to mid-1900s. The company has a wide selection of razors which suit every budget and requirement a man can possibly have. The ES53 and ES570 are some of the best razors Panasonic has manufactured.
  • Remnington – even though Remnington has been a pioneer in the electric razor industry, the company has remain to be underrated over the years due to the massive popularity of the previous three. Remnington offers premium and very high quality electric shavers which can offer you a long term and solid performance. They also provide a lot of feature within an affordable price.

So, here are the best electric shaver brands who have stood the test of time and are still manufacturing the best razors in the world.

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