Ending The Insanity: A Brief Look At Health Care Coverage! Have A Look

I sit here gorging on cookies and coffee laced with hot chocolate. This from someone who has hated chocolate and cookies. I am so changed by my medications. I no longer am in charge of my own body, but am controlled by the medications that I stuff in daily on the orders of the doctors, who treat symptoms as science crawls along, searching for perhaps not a cure, as that would halt the sale of millions of dollars of medication each year. Can modern medicine be any more market driven?

In our county there are more than 4 million people that lack proper health insurance. Compare that to 10 years ago, and we have added 1 million people to our underinsured and noninsured. Daily there are people who do not have the funds for care. This is due in part to the physicians who are market driven and do not have control over the giant machines.

Recently, I completed an almost two month stint as first under a partial hospitalization program and then in an intensive outpatient program. My family is covered under Anthem Blue Cross Blue Shield. The cost for health insurance for my family runs our cost at $360 every two weeks. That doesn’t count the portion of health care covered by my husband’s employer. I didn’t have to pay the daily fees for the program, but there were people in the program paying as much as $50 per day, which was their cost after insurance. I know that the cost of similar programs (at another local hospital) run upwards of $300 per day without insurance coverage. Add to that the cost of medication and the portion of doctor care not covered (I had a co-pay for each visit), and the costs are astronomical.

There were some people in the program that could not complete the program because they did not have access to the same health care that I did. I know personally of one person who left the program because they did not have coverage and could not afford the costs. This person was discharged from the program not because she was better due to the therapy programs or any cure due to medication but simply because she could not afford to continue in the program. The needs of the machine were greater than the needs of the patient. Some patients, like me, were medicated, and medicated again in hopes of bringing relief. The truth is that I have reduced my own medications due to the high cost of co-pays. Again, the medical machine is greater than the patient.

Where does the insanity end? Will the new president bring relief from the medical monster to the people of our country? As I deal with the side effects from the medications I take the Podiatry billing services by hippocraticsolutions that provides the customer with all medication and primary care bills payment facility especially in critical treatment which is little bit hard to pay by an normal person. I am thankful for the insurance that I have, because I know it provides much better coverage than many other programs. I looked with hope towards a time when the regulations in the health care industry make it affordable for health care.

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