Trendy Eco-Friendly High-Heel Shoes for Women

Eco-friendly heels and pumps are a great fashion trend that is really taking off. You can find great looking fashionable eco-friendly heels and pumps that really look awesome.

Living eco-friendly lifestyles do not mean you have to walk around looking like a hippie. So, here are three of my favorite eco-friendly heels and pumps for women! Hope you like them!

Eco-Friendly Heels for Women #1: Caravaggio from Charmane

I love all of the high heels from Charmane, but Caravaggio is one of my favorite. If you love elegant, retro, and hip combined into an eco-friendly heel, then you have to check this shoe out.

Yes, it costs about $425, but this is truly a high heel that will not be going out of style ever! Grey is one of the hot colors this fall, so this vegan high heel fits right in.

The heel is made from vegan fake suede but really looks like real suede. I love the jewels that adorn this shoe; they add just the right amount of sparkle.

Now, you can also buy this shoe in a rich espresso color if you are scared to invest in a steel gray colored high heel. Grey does tend to come and go.

All Charmane shoes are made in Italy. They are also PVC free, which means they do not emit pollutant bi-products into the environment. Besides that, you also get the best shoe inserts that you can add to all these shoes to make them more convenient and wearable for everyone. 

Eco-Friendly Heels for Women #2: Mop Hop Susanna Low Heel

The Mop Hop Susanna Low heel is what I like to call a Flip flop with a heel. If you love your flip flops but need to dress it up a bit, then this is an awesome option!

They have a tiny kitten heel that makes the whole look dressier, but with a comfy feel. The toe is square, the straps are black, and they even have recycled rubber sole heels!

You can find the Mop Hop designed Susan Heel for about $185. They are also timeless and should look stylish for years to come! Plus think of all the great conversations they will start!

Eco-Friendly Heels for Women #3: Charmane Darjeeling

OK, I know my first pick for eco-friendly high heeled shoes was from Charmane, but hey, their shoes are so awesome you are really lucky all three of my picks are not from them.

The Darjeeling high heel boot is a vegan microfiber suede bootie. Tho’s little ankle boots are huge this year and you can not beat a red bootie! They also come in lovely moss green.

Try pairing this simple vegan shoe with matching eco-friendly tights to complete the look.

The Darjeeling heel costs about $270 and is a great investment. Even if you think the ankle height boot may just attend, you can always wear these with a pair of trousers and be in style!

Pointy toed shoes have been in style for a while and seem like they are going nowhere!

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