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Expert Guide – How To Shop For Area Rugs Like A Pro

A sophisticated rug would definitely complete the look of any space in your home. It pulls everything together. Experts or professionals in design would tell you that a Beni Ourain rug is a must-have for every home. However, most rugs can be pricey but it’s a worthwhile investment because it can be a family heirloom that can be passed on from one generation to the next.

A rug would definitely create a huge impact on the overall look and ambience of a room. So, some people would find shopping for a rug quite challenging or intimidating even. But this can be easy with a handy guide from the experts of design.

Expert Tips on Shopping for Area Rugs

Shopping for the right area rug can be tricky especially when you are bombarded with a lot of options in sizes, colors, materials, and patterns. However, design experts would tell you that it’s easy peasy when you know exactly what you want in an area rug.

Prioritize the Rug

It is ideal and recommended to buy the rug first before you choose other decors or furnitures in your home. It’s easier to choose colors and patterns based on the rug than work the other way around.

Don’t Shortchange Your Space

Never settle for some rug that is smaller than what you actually need in your space. Yes, you might be able to save on a smaller rug but if it won’t complement your space and design then you might feel cheated when you decided to settle for a smaller rug. The best way to measure the exact dimension of the rug that suits your room is to use a tape or lay out newspapers to know the perfect size for your space.

Less is More

Ideally, you should only use one rug for every living room or any space in your home. A large rug would wonders in uplifting the look of a small room. This actually expands your space and make it look and feel larger than its actual size.

However, when you are in open spaces or large living room or kitchen areas then multiple rugs would helps separate or create partitions in between different areas such as the dining area and living room area.

Choose a Neutral or Subtle Color

It’s great to start refurbishing a space with a rug and then build up the entire look from there. You can choose a soft or subtle color that provides a balanced view of the entire room. Avoid using bold or very strong colors in a rug because it might not blend very well with new decorations or cushions and other furnishings in your room. A neutral color creates a very calm and relaxing space that allows all palettes and patterns to breathe new life into a room.

Rhythm or Flow?

There are basically two types of area rug to choose from – rhythm and flow. Rhythm has a pattern structure while Flow has an abstract design. Your choice of rug type design would really depend on the room type and the ambience or look that you want to achieve in a room. Your area rug depicts a message to guests so you must screen your choice of rug very well.

Position Matters

An area rug is able to create partitions or highlight an area. The rule of thumb is to allow the entire furniture to sit on your rug. This helps create structure, movement, and direction in your room.

Wool is Your Safest Bet

When you are totally clueless on what rug to pick, then you should generally go for wool. This would look really gorgeous in any room because it’s a versatile material that would complement any space.

Ditch the Rugs in the Bathroom and Kitchen

While we would normally like every room to be adorned with rugs, this should not always be the case especially in your homes. It is advised to ditch the idea of putting rugs into bathrooms and kitchens because it’s not conducive spots for rugs as far as design is concerned and would also require more cleanup or washing time to maintain rugs.

Choose a Focal Point

Your area rug is a perfect choice to create that focal point in your room. You can play up contrasting hues or complement the rug’s colors with decors that would accentuate your area rug and lift up the entire look of your room

Hang it on Your Wall

Who says rugs shoud always be on the floor? Your walls can also serve as a focal point with a rug masterpiece displayed on it. You can easily dress up your wall by playing with the different colors or even textures to complement the room.

Design experts have outlined the above savvy tips as a shopping guide for area rugs. While the professionals would have the experience, skillset, and know-how on rug selection, your own ideas and creativity would still be your best blueprint when it comes to shopping for the right area rug that fits your home.

Your personality should always show in your home. Even with your choice of rug. If you feel overwhelmed with all the rug options available in the market, then professional tips and advice from design experts would definitely help you zero in on the best choices of rugs that you can buy for your own living space.

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