How to shave your pubic hair?

The skin on your private parts is susceptible as compared to the surface of the other areas in your body. Thus, it needs utmost care while trimming or shaving down there. Some people say shaving is supposed to cause a delay in the growth of hair in the pubic area. The skin on that place is so soft and delicate and requires caution while performing any intensive task. Hence, it is suggested to take advice if you are a beginner. Take proper safety measures while doing any trimming or shaving in that place. If you are aware of the proper tricks and tips, then it will be great for you to perform this task. 

There is proper safety guidance for shaving the pubic hair properly, and these are: 

  1.  Wash before shaving: Washing the pubic hair before you cut them makes them softer and fastens the shaving process. It is known to be done right before shaving because it is supposed to cleanse the skin follicles from any dirt and pollutants deeply. It is advised to use a nice intimate wash to clean the private area and do not use any product having alcoholic agents in the cleaning process. Washing means hydrating and nourishing the place well before starting the harsh procedure. 
  2. Apply soothing agents: These agents are the ones that help in calming the skin very fast as compared to not using anything before the shaving cream. Therefore, if you want to lessen the pain and irritation while shaving your pubic hair, then it is suggested to apply a sufficient amount of soothing creams or gel in that area to avoid itchiness. Bamboo and aloe Vera gel are some of the best-used products for this purpose. 
  3. Not to use dull blades: The razor that you are using should not contain rust and should be new. Old and dull blades should be removed from the drawers as soon as possible, as they might increase the risk of spreading cancer. It is so necessary to look after the proper shaving tools and kits and suggested not to use anything old or rusted. 
  4. Do not share your blade: It is highly recommended to men and women to not share your razor and blades with your friends or roommate. The vulnerability of getting prone to tetanus and other skin diseases becomes extremely high. The blade of every individual should be separate and not be shared.   
  5. Not use of alcoholic products: The alcohol-containing products cause high chances of redness and irritation; therefore, these should be completely avoided for the safety of your skin. It is crucial to  find out  the right kind of products for each step. It is not good if the shaving creams or aftershave lotion are consists of harmful alcoholic contents. It is not appropriate to go for harmful chemicals for the sake of branded skincare and beauty products. 
  6. Apply lubricants: After applying enough amount of soothing agents on the target hair, it is advised to use lubricators in the same place to soften the hair follicles. It provides extreme aid while removing the hair easily. Thus, choosing the right type of lubricant is essential, as well. It assists the person in the later steps of the shaving process. 
  7. Take care of the direction: The direction in which the hair grows, it important to be acknowledged because it is one of the extremely vital steps to have proper knowledge about it and to shave them in the downward direction. 
  8. Use moisturizer: It is great to know the fact that your skin becomes extremely dry when you do the shaving or trimming methods, hence it is required to be conditioned and nourished well after that. Applying a thick moisturizer is as important as applying a soothing agent. It assists in firming your skin texture and closes the opened pores as well. 

If you are planning to perform these steps, then it is more likely to provide you a hair-free pubic area for at least one month. Generally, beginners are advised to opt for salons and seek other party’s help while removing them for the first time. After two or three times, it becomes comparatively convenient to do it yourself. 

Other techniques for eliminating pubic hair:  

Waxing is another important method for removing your hair from private areas. Although it is more likely to cause pain in the skin follicles as compared to shaving, it delays the hair growth process for a minimum of two to three months. 

Another process of removing hair from your pubic hair is the one done by the laser treatment. It is known to be permanent by some people and performed by dermatologists. It might cause some serious skin issues in the future but is very successful for a few years after being done. 

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