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Everyone wants to wear a comfortable product, and when it comes to something like shoes, there isn’t a second option really. They are either comfortable or they are simply not, which is why you sometimes have to buy add ons like insoles.

One could buy insoles for various reasons ranging from foot pain, or you need more relief while wearing your shoes, for sports activities, running, prepping up old shoes and so many more reasons like that. The main idea behind it is that you feel comfortable in your shoes, no matter you are running or simply walking.

Finding insoles can be a tricky task unless you know what you have to really get for yourself. This is why we are here to help you with the choice.


Here are some pointers which you should always go through before you finalize which insoles are the ones you wish to buy. They are like a checklist which you can go through.

  • Size of the insole

This is an easy task to manage because the sizing of the insole is done like it is done for your shoes. You can gauge which size would be good based on your current shoe size. They will always come for a range of shoe sizes and you will have to trim them to suit the exact size of your shoe. The insole size may differ from your shoe size because of the manufacturing, which is why they are always under the ‘trim to fit’ bar.

  • Type of insole

There are various types of insoles, divided based on their placement. It could be a full length one or one that is just for your heel. Hence, the thing you will need to keep in mind is that depending on the type of placement you have, and you will have to fit your existing sole as well. In the case of a full-length insole, you would have to remove the existing one entirely. Some can be placed with the existing ones only when their thickness is less.

  • Arch of your foot

Everyone has a different kind of foot arch, but they are mainly divided into three categories, neutral, flat and high arches. You will have to identify the type of foot arch you have and after that only, you will be able to see which insole has that similar arch. This is one of the most important things to be aware of when you are looking for insoles because and improper arch can cause pain in your fingers.

  • Type of footbed

Footbed in an insole means the entire resting area of your foot on the insole or your shoe. This footbed can be of different construction based on what it is meant for. Some people have pain in their feet which is why ortho supportive footbed is suggested to them. similarly, for normal use, a flat footbed would work fine. There are other types as well which you can browse on Mindsole’s review by clicking this link of popular insoles to know which suits your feet and requirement.

  • Material of insole

This is another really crucial point for choosing the type of insole you would want. Mainly, insoles are made from gel, cork, leather, and foam. All these different materials have different comfort levels and purposes. Foam is for instance, for cushioning while the gel is for increased comfort and shock absorption. You could either ask your doctor if you have any issues, or you could choose on your own preference. It is entirely a matter of what is important to you.


Everyone has their own reason for buying insoles, but they are the best option if you regularly experience pain in your feet. Sometimes, the reason could also be that your shoes are not the right size, where you might need to change your shoes entirely. There are certain things which don’t come under the list of problems insoles can fix. Ailments like arch pain, over pronation, Morton’s neuroma and many more find insoles as their solution. Always get the right size for yourself, as they are no less important than your shoes itself.

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