Pregancy and Shoes: Finding the Best Fit

One of the many things you find out when you are pregnant is that it is no longer practical nor comfortable to wear what ever kind of shoe you want to wear. For one your feet swell the minute they hit the floor in the morning, which means put your shoes on the bed stand or right next to the bed and slip into them as soon as you get up, or you may never get them on for the rest of the day.

It is important to wear comfortable shoes. I had to wear sandals during my pregnancies, because my feet would swell and also because being pregnant brought back conditions I had when I was younger such as getting infections in my toes from my toe nails on my big toes. Wearing sandals prevented me from getting further infections, plus they were loser on my feet and more comfortable. I wore the kind of sandles that had a strap that went around my ankle so my sandals would not slip on and off.

Other shoes that are comfortable are moccasins, slip on loafers, slippers, crocs, canvas tennis shoes, good walking tennis shoe.

You can purchase slip on loafers or Dr. Scholls slip ons at Walmart that cost anywhere from $15.00 to $20.00. Watch the sales they go on sale often. If you are still unsure about what you should get then you can read Mindinsole reviews as well. You get honest customer reviews and ratings there. This way you can easily get the best and most comfortable pair of shoe for all your needs.

Crocs either come in leather, or you can buy the rubbery ones. I would suggest the leather ones, as your feet will breath better. The rubber ones will make your feet sweat more and cling to your feet. You can also get the fur lined crocs for winter or for cooler days and the will not cause you feet to sweat as much. Those I have found are great to purchase on line at shop.crocs , they will run you $39.99 plus shipping and handling.

Another great place to shop for comfortable sandals and moccasins is the Moccasin Shop. The have a nice variety of vary comfortable shoes, and they can also be ordered online. The moccasins run around $35.00 plus shipping and handling and come in wide sizes (which many of us needed while we were pregnant). The sandals run from around $40 to $50 plus shipping and handling, but you are getting real leather.

Canvas tennis shoes and good walking tennis shoes can be purchased at Wal Mart, Kohl’s, Rogan’s Shoes and other shoe stores. They all range for canvas anywhere from $10 to $35.00 and for a good walking tennis shoe anywhere from $35.00 and up.

It is important to have a good shoe for walking.

When going to a wedding, class reunion, or just out for an evening, and you want to wear a nice dress shoe. Pick a pair of dress flats, or a dress shoe with a very low heel. These you can find at most of your shoe stores. Ranging from $20 and up. Make sure you try you shoes on before you leave the store. Many people like to just go in and pick out the size they wear and when they get them home they find out they don’t fit. So save your self the headache of having to return them. Try them on in the store, as when you are pregnant your feet swell, and you want a comfortable fit.

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