Foodsaver V2400 Vacuum Sealer

With summer gardens being planned and their matured vegetables being anticipated, a vacuum sealer is a product worth consideration. The best storage tool for me is the Foodsaver vacuum bag sealer. With no lids to lose and no more cramming in the freezer, the Foodsaver V2440 is a treasured kitchen tool. For sealing, resealing, cutting, and storage the Foodsaver V2440 is an amazing product.

One of the greatest innovations of the Foodsaver V2440 kit is hands free use. With no more holding or pushing needed the Foodsaver V2440 leaves you to tend to other needs. Moist food and dry food all receive the same tight and secure seal with the Foodsaver V2440. The Foodsaver V2400 has a crush free technology that allows you to be confident sealing delicate foods. The Foodsaver has an online package that includes their canister sealing tools extra bags and a useful CD Rom.

When the first days of spring hints I begin yearning for garden onions and sweet blackberries. Each year I wear my soil packed fingernails and thorn torn legs as badges. I love to watch each garden vegetable grow into colorful works of art, despite their sometimes laughable sizes and shapes. The work to pick berries from the bush and living with stained fingers is always worth its weight in gold. But, as much as I love to grow my garden, I tend to over do it every year. So, to keep the life of my one to many plants tasteful well beyond the summer days, I use the Foodsaver Vacuum Sealer for freezing and storage. Storing and preserving my garden vegetables is so much easier since I purchased the Foodsaver sealer.

I love my Foodsaver V2440 for a mountain of hobbies. Springtime flowers pressed and dried find a wonderful home in a vacuum bag for future crafts. My daughter’s first baby dress is sealed tightly in a Foodsaver bag and hangs in a frame at the top of our stairwell. My husband’s comic book collection feels safer sitting in a Foodsaver sealed bag resting on the bookshelves. The possibilities are truly endless for vacuum sealing uses.

The Foodsavers most popularly use is food preservation. The cost of food has been rising more and more lately. To feed my family their necessary amount of protein I buy large family packs of meat, especially on sale items. With my Foodsaver V2440 I can bring the meat home and separate them into several bags. By using the vacuum sealer to separate my meat products I save money, have less waste, and can find my meal ingredients quickly and with confidence. Writing the date sealed is a wonderful way to be sure of the freshness of your frozen items and the Foodsaver V2440 comes with a pen holder for your marking needs. For me these little extras “seal” the deal.

I also use the sealer to separate foods for my daughter’s meals. I have grown tired of frozen food dinners where my daughter simply eats one item and the rest is wasted. Instead I now place several items I know she will eat (french fries, chicken fingers, a chocolate cookie) on a plate and then vacuum seal the meal. Once the meals are sealed on the plastic plates I stack them in the freezer. My daughter has her lunchtime meals a pop in the microwave away. The cutter is a great tool to cut the bags to any individual size needed. I can make large or small lunchtime meals or dinner “quickies”.

The Foodsaver V2440 sealer is not only great for the bag use alone. I use the vacuum sealer daily to reseal many products my family eats. Cereal and potato chips no longer peek from the corners waiting to stale before their time. With the Foodsaver I can easily reseal the snack bags at the end of the day to extend its life. Resealing large bags of vegetables or freezer foods is another way I get value from my Foodsaver vacuum sealer. I buy freezer items in bulk supply and love that I can open any bag and reseal the product for the next time I need to call upon its freshness.

On a daily basis I count on my Foodsaver Vacuum Sealer to help me preserve items around my home and food in my kitchen. I have never used a product with so much consistency.

The Foodsaver Vacuum Sealer comes with hands free use. You can feel more confident with meat products with their antibacterial tray. You have at your disposal the easy to use control panel, a built in cutting and holding device and a great pen holder. The food sealer comes with quart and gallon sized bags.

The Foodsaver Vacuum sealer has a much lower noise level then most sealers. The noise is one of the down sides of using this type of product. I am still waiting on a hush model for the ultimate in sealing adventures, but the benefits outweigh this small detail.

You can buy the Foodsaver Vacuum Sealer online or at local department stores such as Wal-Mart or Target. Online you can access promotions or shipping deductions. You can also purchase additional bags, canisters and baskets that resemble grocer store fruit baskets.

The Foodsaver has many accessories that you can buy separately to extend the types of services you use with the sealer.

A vacuum sealer really is a smart investment for any home and a wonderful gift. For hobbies, freezing, and resealing the Foodsaver Vacuum Sealer is something I count on everyday.

The last time I checked the vacuum cleaner was full of animal hair (staubsauger tierhaare as the germans would say)from my pet dogs so I had to make a mental note to dispose of every dirt in accumulated in the cleaner from now on before using it again.

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