Gods: Land of Inifinity: Reviewing Turn-Based RPG for PCs

Gods: Lands of Infinity is a turn-based role-playing game set in a mythical medieval world. Your character is a woman named Vivien, who has been sent to rescue the world from evil by assembling the pieces of a mighty weapon. You start out in the city of Slavingrad, which is a base of sorts. Here you receive your first quests, weapons, and armor. As you level up you are granted more powerful attacks, but these are designed so that they can only be used once every few turns. The turn-based system is simple: Attack and you use up attack points, defend and you gain some back. The stronger the attack, the greater the amount of attack points used. This is also the same with magic. Although with magic you also need to have mana along with your attack points to cast spells. As you journey through the game you will encounter a wide variety of enemies and locales. Many of the locales have no enemies but instead offer simple quests or the opportunity to serve as a delivery person in order to make a little money. Money is hard to come by in this game, so spend very carefully, especially when it comes to the secondary characters that come and join your party at different points during the game. You have full control over the actions of the secondary characters as far as their attacks and spells are concerned. The armor and weapons have slots for gems(the better the weapon or armor the more slots). There are gems that boost attack or magic power and others that raise hit points or mana.


The graphics of the game are above average, and many of the locations are extremely picturesque. Some of the backgrounds and border areas can be a bit blocky or lower res, but overall the look of the game is quite good.


Most of the talking done in the game is of the “you read it” variety. There are a few exceptions and when there is voice work it is competent even if the English translation isn’t always perfect. The music is gorgeous and haunting, varying from locale to locale, giving the game an epic feel. There are some areas, though, where there is no music at all. Instead you get background noises which consist almost entirely of birds chirping and squawking.

It is a pleasant sound to the ears, the kind of which you hear early in the morning at dawn when birds start chirping at the rising sun. This sound was also used in Pokemon go account games which involved pokemons.


This is class turn-based role-playing. The battles are both exciting and challenging, requiring strategy as well as strength to win.

Replay value:

Not much. Although you can designate Vivien as either a fighter or magic user, you run across enough of both in your party members and get a feel for what it would be like being both. The game is fairly linear, and after playing it once, you won’t run across any new surprises.


As RPG fans know, there are VERY few turn-based games available on the market. If you truly crave a turn-based game, there is much to like in Gods: Lands of Infinity. For those with only casual interest in turn-based games, this will quite likely seem a bore. As a turn-based fan myself, I would give this game a 7.2 out of 10.

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