Louis Vuitton- Handbags Of a Lifetime

There is no limit to a human being’s desire as everyone wants to achieve anything and everything at the same time. What is your first reaction when you go out shopping and see your favorite item or product displayed right in front of you inside the shop?

There is an underlying fact, especially for women, that whenever they are out with their husbands or friends shopping for supplies, they will be more interested in window shopping and would not hesitate to purchase almost half the shop if the occasion called for it.

What are the things the women are most fond of? Well, many of them like jewelry, makeup kit, cosmetics, handbags, etc. to name a few and similarly men too have their fair share of interests but are more careful to suppress their desires due to budget constraints.

Biggest Weakness

We are now going to talk about Louis Vuitton, one of the biggest brands as far as handbags are concerned with a lot of variety to their name which has been the talk of the town for a longtime.

This may seem quite odd but it is true that Louis Vuitton is perhaps the most versatile brand in nature and that too in handbags alone due to the different sizes and shapes that they come in, which is why they are the most relatable and preferable among women and can be classified as their biggest weakness as well as the best friend.

The popularity of this brand can be gauged from the fact that it became a source of envy for rival companies making similar handbags and they were so intrigued by its super success that they started manufacturing Louis Vuitton Replica in the hopes of fooling consumers as though there was a fake Louis vuitton competition at play and the best duplicate model will get the first prize.


There is a long story regarding the origins of this renowned brand and is a product of Louis Vuitton, a French fashion designer cum businessman and entrepreneur, who had noticed the craze for leather products, especially the woman folk who could hardly contain their excitement for shopping, though it was a rare phenomenon in the 19th century.

Vuitton came from a well known family of artisans and carpenters and his parents too were well known in this profession and it was their untimely deaths that prompted him to try his luck in this field in his late teens.

His life struggles are too long to be documented and we will save it for another day but now it is suffice to mention that he launched this brand under his name in 1854 in Paris and the sales price of his first product was a $10000, a princely sum for the time which became a hit.

Monumental Craze

To sum up, the craze for Louis Vuitton handbags is monumental to say the least, especially during the times of World War II, which was when Vuitton was exclusively producing leather products to reap international benefits and Germany was the country where such brands were most popular as leather was high in demand for the Nazi army to use as punishment for the Jews.

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