The Deterioration Of Social Networks &; Loss Of Friends After Divorce

As with any end to a relationship, there are many dynamics to consider. For most couples, whether married or not, the end of a relationship marks the beginning to a change in finances, living status and even the emotional connection, whether positive or negative.

This change in relationship, whether by divorce or separation, can lead to great stress and anxiety in either individual. Often, when we are in the process of divorce or separation, we lean on the individuals we are closest to. But, what if those individuals happen to be your in-laws or friends and family who were part of your relationship?

While we consider a divorce or separation to be extremely difficult, emotionally, this feeling is often based on our own inter-family dynamics and changes. What you may fail to realize is the sudden loss or change in your social network may also impair the separation or divorce, making the transition into your new life far more difficult.

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When reaching out to your social networks, do not be surprised by the sudden disinterest some individuals may have in your needs, wants and desires. This is especially true if the social network relationship is one in which your former partner may have carried more weight or may have been more highly regarded. Often, this is difficult to understand.

If you are going through a divorce or separation, and you find that some of your family and friends have begun distancing themselves from you, take a look at the subconscious thought process that develops as a result of your separation and divorce. Often, without even realizing it, your friends and family may assess the benefits of continuing a relationship with you, and assess the cost and benefits of maintaining a relationship with your former partner. Once these considerations are made, your family and friends may find it necessary to re-structure their relationship with not only you but also your former partner.

While these changes in your social network may be surprising and even offensive, try to look at them objectively. As you struggle through the transition in your life, understand that those around you, who are impacted by your separation and divorce, as also just as likely to struggle with the change. Respect their decision to modify the relationship with you as, in most cases, this change is short-term and, when respected, may lead to a development of a long-term relationship after the separation or divorce period has passed. The key, here, is to avoid alienated those you love and allow them to create a new path for communication as they see fit based on their need for future social networking with you.

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