Nair Pretty Hair Removal Spray in Soft Kiwi: A Product Review

I’ve never really got into the hair removal product craze. I still can’t believe that body hair can permanently be removed with lasers. Of course I’m Asian-American and generally Asians tend to not be a hairy bunch. I’ve tried a few products but I’ve mostly stuck to razors because it’s easy and quick. The other hair products I’ve tried were wax and lotions. Nair was actually the first hair removal product that I had ever tried, and it was their lotion. This was in the days before Nair came out with all these other products. Just as there are many plastic surgery alternatives available to people, there are many options to go with, for hair removal.

While I was working at Walgreens as a beauty advisor I noticed the niftiest product, it was Nair’s hair removal spray. Although their lotion worked I wasn’t thrilled about having to apply it by hand and I really didn’t like the smell. Nair’s hair removal spray came in different scents so I figured it was worth a try. I got Nair’s hair removal spray in their Soft Kiwi scent for around $6. This product is suppose to work just like their other hair removal products. It’s not a complicated task, all this product has to do is remove body hair. I figured if Nair’s original hair removal lotion worked so well for me then this should work just as well. I was wrong.

Lets start out with the positives about Nair’s hair removal spray first. Nair’s hair removal spray in my opinion is affordable for around $6 a bottle. If I compare the prices against other brands $6 isn’t that bad. I like that it comes in different scents and the smell is nice too. I’ve only ever tried their Soft Kiwi and as far as I can tell the scent is accurate. I also like that it’s easy to use, just spray, wait and wipe, nothing complicated about it. It sprays out foam just like shaving cream, minus the shaving.

Now to why I don’t like Nair’s hair removal. The Soft Kiwi that I got smelled nice but when sprayed and left to set it starts to smell strange, like chemicals. Although it did remove some of my hair, what little there was, it didn’t remove all of it and I ended up shaving to finish up the job, which completely defeated the purpose of Nair’s hair removal spray. The waiting time for the foam to work is a bit long too. The instructions said to leave the foam on for four minutes and then wipe it off. I left it on for five minutes just to be sure and I still had hair left. The back of the can says that depending on how thick your hair is it might take longer so leave it in longer but no more than ten minutes. Even though I know for sure my hair isn’t thick I left it longer on my other leg and had the same results, there was still hair left.

There were a few other things about Nair’s hair removal spray that I didn’t like and that was the slight burning sensation and the constant shaking to get foam out. The burning wasn’t unbearable but it was enough for me notice it. Nair’s hair removal spray is suppose to be easy to use and for the most part it was except that it would stop spraying half way and I’d have to shake it a few more times to keep going.

My verdict for Nair’s hair removal spray is that it’s not worth spending the money on. I would either stick with their original hair removal cream or try another brand.

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