Blockchain- From The Eyes Of A Layman

A common man is the one that is extremely ordinary and your regular everyday man. It can be anybody in existence and you probably would be running into one or the other at regular intervals, being one yourself.

Everybody is born into the world as a normal and ordinary person. Even most of the celebrated individuals from various fields, be it art/music/politics/sports, were not born great and affluent.

No, it is the hard work, sincere efforts, their feats and accomplishments of these ordinary people that turned them into extraordinary ones. They were not born with a silver, golden or platinum spoon in their mouths but it is only through them that their offspring and descendants are reaping the fruits of their blood and sweat and enjoying royal lifestyles only due to being born in their families.

There are numerous examples from the times of yore to the modern era of technology and development that we have such people of extraordinary talents who have made a name and fame for themselves and set examples for the average common man to follow and also with high expectations for their families.

However, you can see that the children of such dignified individuals are not able to replicate the success and stardom that their parents had in their lifetime. Why so?

Why is it that while we can find stories to tell and retell about success of some we have double the number of examples of offspring not being able to meet the expectations of their older counterparts and the world in general.

The answer to that is very simple. Although there is no denying the fact that they have everything that they could dream of right from the day they are born without any struggle or hard-work, it is generally found that once the time comes for them to prove themselves as worthy (or more), almost 98% of such ‘star kids’struggle to live up to the family name and start floundering after an initial good start. Sadly, they end up falling flat on their faces and vanish into oblivion without leaving any trace.

It could be due to them being under spotlight and the tight scrutiny of media and the world that causes them, let’s say, a ‘problem of nerves’. They are not able to live to expectations due to the shadow cast by their parents and ancestors being so strong that that itself overshadowed them and dwarfed their capabilities and existence.

But, then comes the twist. All said and done, they are today notorious and infamous for being products of nepotism who, while not having any talent or skill in themselves except just the family name, they also stamp out the opportunities of more talented and skilled but far less privileged than them due to coming from humble backgrounds.

The boon and curse that ‘star kids’ are born with proves to be fatal not only to them but in the process of the normal and ordinary kids losing out any time or platform to prove themselves worthy of name and fame by creating it themselves.

So, here we can have a similar example of the blockchain. What is blockchain? Why is it so significant?

Blockchains are blocks entwined together through cryptography. It is called as a transaction list maintained in ledger format and is seen in the ‘traditional mould’ regarding transactions.

Blockchain is a technological breakthrough that is out to prove that it is the crypto-currency that is going to rule the world in the future, with bitcoins leading the pack of digital currencies.

Blockchain marks and maintains the financial transactions made through digital currencies like bitcoins, litecoins and ripples and which is done through the trade platform called bitcoin circuit.

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