Pen and Wash – What to Take Outdoors

Creating beautiful pen and wash in a kitchen or studio is a comfort. But what if you want to work outdoors? To do this, you need to take a few things with you. I narrowed down nine essentials you will need to enjoy pen and wash and the great outdoors at the same time.

Art supplies

A real must if you are going to paint outdoors. Your basic items are paint, pens, brushes, sketch journal, paper towels or rags, plus anything else you use in your painting process.

Sketch board or easel

If your sketch journal or pad does not have a strong backing to hold your paper flat on your lap you will need a sketch board or easel to keep the paper steady. Sketch boards come in different material so get one that is portable and lightweight.


If you enjoy sitting on rocks or fallen tree stumps then skip this, but if I know you a stool will be a godsend. Stools come in different sizes and configuration to fit your definition of comfort. Some are lightweight. A little comfort from home will not restrict your talent or dampen your woodland spirit.


Aside from your beverages, remember to take two bottles of water; one for you and one for your pen and wash.


If you want to look like Poncho Villa or Indiana Jones, fine. But your focus is to protect your head, face and neck. Get one that is collapsible. You do not want the hat cord tugging at your throat all day when you’re not wearing it.


Select hiking shoes are comfortable all day and can handle many terrains. Leave the slippers, loafer and cowboy boots in the closet; they have their place in your social life, but not in the woods.


You just never know how long you will be out there, as well as, any unexpected delays and interruptions. Depending on your diet, select nutritional snacks that keep your appetite at bay and keep your energy up. Beef jerky, peanut butter crackers and granola bars are what keeps me going until I think I have captured what I want or until it gets dark.

Umbrella and flashlight

An umbrella will protect you from the sun’s rays when it gets too hot. Also, it will protect you from unexpected showers that creep up on you. Get a collapsible one to make carrying easier. A flashlight is handy if you over extend your stay in the woods.

Cell phone

Thanks to modern technology, you are never too far away from civilization if you get into a bind or need to have someone bring you that brush you forgot. 

The list can go on and on where individual taste dictates. But the list above is a good start to have a fun and safe time outdoors creating your pen and wash. Enjoy. With the enjoyment, the reviews can be checked at After the view of the reviews, the experience and interest of the person in painting will be increased as per the taste. 

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