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Why should you invest in water filter?

A water filter is a must to ensure clean water and good health. Tap water or unfiltered water is often laden with chemicals and harmful contaminants. A trusted and independently tested water filter like propur water filter will clear out all the unwanted substances and present clean and safe water for you. If you are sincerely contemplating about getting a water filter, the post below will surely inspire you.

Removes harmful bacteria

Water filter filters out disease-causing contaminants like bacteria from your drinking or cooking water. A number of diseases are water-borne and are caused due to the presence of harmful germs in water. In fact, some of the water-borne diseases could be fatal as well. Filtered water leaves you of such risks and assures healthy germ-free water for your family.

Chlorine removal

Chlorine is added to water for decontamination prior to distribution as drinking water locally. Chlorine is undoubtedly needed for keeping bacteria and germs at bay but could pose serious health risks. In fact, drinking water laden with chlorine can abet cancer risks. This is where a water filter comes to help. Modern water filters can remove chlorine leftover from drinking water so that you can have a safe glass.

Lessens limescale

We all have experiences of hard water. It’s all due to the presence of the chalky limescale deposits in water that not only make it hard but also ruin its taste. Moreover, limescale deposits lead to unwanted buildups in water pipes as well as appliances and that’s dangerous for their overall longevity. A water filter is much needed here to reduce limescale deposits in cooking or drinking water.

Relieves water of heavy metals

Tap water tends to carry different heavy metals such as arsenic, lead or mercury which are dangerous for health. If you install a water filter, you can relieve your drinking water of all these harmful metals.

Better health

Based on the above pointers, it is already clear that water filter will always assure good health and disease-free life for you and your family.


You might mention about bottled water when we are discussing about clean safe water. But, the truth is bottled water production is expensive and taxing for the environment. It takes around 17 million oil barrels annually to manufacture plastic bottles. Then, it exhausts immense energy to transport these plastic bottles across the world. Not only that, 80 percent bottled water gets dumped in landfills which further endanger the environment. Along with that, count your personal expenses for buying bottled water on regular basis. 

If you invest in water filter, you will get safe water daily at a much lesser cost than getting bottled water regularly. Moreover, one small step from your side (investing in water filter) will also save the environment. More people will use water filter at home, there will be lesser demand for bottled water and hence less pressure on the environment. Put simply, getting a water filter would be an eco-friendly and economical choice.

Tastes good

Yes, filtered water is not only safe but it tastes good as well. As filtration sifts out chemicals from water, what you get is only sweet nice-smelling water for your family. 

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