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Public speaking is a wonderful way to promote your work, in case that you are not a shy person and you are comfortable to speak in front of audiences. You can also improve your public speaking skills by taking a class or joining clubs that are designed specifically to promote public speaking skills. Such company as (is a non-profit organization) helps people to develop their public speaking skills, they have locations nationwide.

If using public skills is not something you would like to do, you can find someone who can represent you and speak about your book for you. Those services are listed under Speakers Bureaus and they specifically represent authors.

Book trailer is a very advanced book promotion tool. Book trailer is a cutting edge advertising tool that is used to attract audiences, they can spread the word about your book and reach thousands of people, giving its much benefit to medical website design for doctors, which is really great and they are similar to movie trailers and can circulate online and on the television.

You can easily create your own book trailer by using Microsoft Windows Program Story 3. Microsoft Windows allows a free download of Story 3 from its website. Within the program you are provided with choice of music that is copyright free, and can be incorporated in your book trailer as a background to enhance your book features.

It is not news that in our era of advanced, high tech electronic communications, the vast majority of people are more prone to watch more TV than reading books, because they are used to auditory information. Perhaps book trailers can help the transition of the population into becoming more interested in reading books. Auditory person who watched a book trailer as a sequence of rapid images, words, accompanied by flashing phrases and impressive music may get hooked on a trailer of interest and can make some different literary choices as to read the book that was so well introduced.

How about radio shows? Some authors may become threatened with a thought of being on the radio show. The news is that you do not have to travel in order to talk on radio show to promote your book. Radio show will allow you to reach nation-wide audiences for free.

Apart form TV shows, radio show is stress free, no need to be looking perfect and worry about a thousand and one more things that could be wrong with your appearance. Radio show can suit a shy person – you do not have to appear in front of anybody, just stay in your bed while having a breakfast while on the radio show. To get on radio show you simply need to contact them online and to fill out contact information and your book is on a way to a nationwide exposure.

Read on how to behave on radio show. While on radio show you have to make your host look good, have short and entertaining answers, prepare questions. Do not try to tell everything about your book but just be fun and tease your audience about your book. Usually the host will give you some time in the end of the show to tell the audience where your book can be found.

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