Should You Maintain a Relationship with Your Ex’s Children After You Break Up?

Dating someone with children definitely enriches the relationship. Not only do you get to enjoy all the wonderful attributes of the person you are dating, but you also get to enjoy that person’s children. You have undoubtedly spent a fair amount of time with the children and have developed a close relationship with them. Unfortunately, if the relationship ends, you suffer the loss of the romantic partner, but also the children. Should you try to maintain a relationship with the children, or should you simply move on? Moreover, is it possible for you to get your wife back? If yes, then you should always consider that. You can put some efforts from your side like sending her deep & sweet love quotes for her from the heart or sharing your feeling in person. If she loves you back you can easily get her back and restore your life and the life of your kids as well. 

The Children Should Not Have To Suffer A Loss. Just because two people could not make their relationship work, or found yourselves moving in different directions, this is no reason why the children should have to feel the loss as well. If the children of the person you were currently dating rely on you as a constant in their lives and would definitely feel a deep sense of loss from you not being a part of their lives anymore, then you should definitely find a way to maintain contact with them.

The Children Do Not Have A Strong Mother Or Father Figure In Their Lives. If you were the primary mother or father figure in the children’s lives while you were dating their parent, completely disappearing after the breakup will surely create feelings of abandonment in the children. Finding a way to maintain a relationship with the children after the dissolution of the relationship, no matter how limited, will lessen the negative effects on the children. Children need to be able to rely on the adults in their lives to grow up feeling secure and validated. They do not understand the complexities of adult relationships and only know that someone they once loved and counted on is no longer around.

Your Ex Has Already Moved On. If your ex-boyfriend or girlfriend has immediately moved on to a new relationship just after the breakup, this person is surely already in the children’s lives. Trying to maintain a relationship with the children may confuse them and hinder them from accepting the new person in their parent’s life.

The Relationship Was Rocky And The Children Were Negatively Affected. If the relationship was a tumultuous one, and the children unfortunately suffered because of it, it may be the right decision to simply let go. While your heart may be breaking from the loss of the children in your life, the children’s welfare must be the first priority. They will need time to heal from the instability and drama. A period of calm and distance may make a relationship in the future a possibility, but the present should be as peaceful and uncomplicated as possible.

Your Ex Is Adamant That You Do Not Have A Relationship With The Children. Although you may have a deep love and affection with the children and the feeling may be mutual, keep in mind that your ex is the parent. If you have no claims to the children other than being involved in a relationship with their mother or father, you will need to respect the parent’s decision and let go.

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