Twitter Vs. Myspace Vs. Facebook –Information About All The Social Site Networks

Almost everyone in today’s society is aware of the social networking sites. Most everyone belongs to at least one if not several of them. But what are the differences in the social networking sites, the first three that come to mind are Myspace, Facebook and Twitter. So let us compare these three and see where the differences are and where the similarities are.

Let us start with the differences. On Myspace and Facebook you can add as many pictures as you would like whereas with Twitter I have found you can only add your main picture. Twitter is more of a micro log that lets you tell the world where you are at that exact moment in time, what you are doing and who you are with. Myspace and Facebook offer status and mood updates but in order to change it by the minute you have to download the phone version to your phone in hopes that your phone is compatible (mine is not). Also the updates on Myspace and Facebook tend to take long to post and sometimes do not go through at all. Twitter there is nothing to download in order to post on their site making it a hundred times easier, faster and less irritating. All you have to do is text the number given to you when you sign up for the site and activate your cell phone by texting them the code back. After your device is activated you can send updates via text messaging while if you are subscribing, or following as the site calls it, every time they make an update it goes directly to your device and you can see it immediately. You also have the option to turn off the alerts on some people so that if you get a million followers like some people on the site you can turn off who you do not want to see updates on and who you do.

Facebook does a good thing for charity by donating “lunch money” to different organizations when people play games on the site and then donate the money they have earned thru the Save the Planet application. I, myself, am addicted to the site for the games having donated over $300,000,000 in lunch money to various causes listed on there mostly to cancer research and child abuse prevention. Myspace offers games to entertain but they do not benefit a charity they are just simply a way to consume some free time you may have in the course of your day. I too have played the games on Myspace but do not log in to them very often, they are fun and on a rainy day or when I have the time and Facebook’s application is down I do play them.

On Facebook you can search for people you may know but you can not see their profile unless you request them as a friend and they approve you. This is burdensome since you may not have seen this person in a couple of years and they may look different so you would want to see their profiles to gain more insight on if this was really who you were looking for. The person can gain instant likes after purchasing of the followers. Online sites should provide real followers for likes at the sites.  On Myspace you can peruse any profile you want to look at given that the person did not set it to private meaning only that person’s friends can see the page. In that case you would have to add them as a friend and hope they approve the request before being able to see if it is truly who you were looking for.

The similarities between these three sites are unfortunately very few. As mentioned before they all allow you to update your status and on Myspace also your mood, but Twitter again is the only one that does that with ease since it is the micro blog. Myspace and Facebook both offer games or apps as they call them on the sites. Both are fun and both sites have some of the same apps. All three sites let you find people you may know and reconnect with them but Myspace and Twitter allow you to do that more easily as before mentioned. You can post pictures to all three sites and that is where the similarities end.

Now which social networking site is right for you is up to the user. It depends on what you want to use it for mainly. Do you want people to know what and where you are going and doing every second of the day then Twitter is perfect for you. Many celebrities are on there and they obviously find it easier to let their friends, family and fans know what is going on with them. If you want it to purely find old friends you have not seen or talked to in years and want to reconnect with them then Myspace is probably more in the area you are looking for. Facebook is great for networking. Personally I will stay signed up on all three sites and use them for what I find necessary. Each site is different in its own way and I use them all differently.

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