Chinese Business Cards: What is the Difference?

In China, it is very common to have a double-sided business card. It is called the Chinese Business Card Translation. It may be very rare in Western countries, but not in Asian countries, particularly the fast growing China, one of the strongest economic power today.

It is popular that a Chinese businessman holds a translated business card. What is printed on one side is in English, the international language of business and commerce. On the other side, is of course in Chinese, either simplified of traditional Chinese characters, with pin yin (pronunciation system) in the same information.

China is a very diverse country, both culturally and linguistically. Two main Chinese languages will be Mandarin and Cantonese. They may sound quite different but if you understand either one, you can understand their common character systems shared. Means you can read Chinese and understand their information regardless of you are in a Mandarin or Cantonese speaking region. Mandarin is widely used in mainland China, Hong Kong, Macau, Taiwan, Singapore, Malaysia and other regions. Cantonese on the other hand, is more common in Hong Kong, Macau and Malaysia.

It does not really matter if you have only one version of business card. With pinyin, people speaking in different dialects (there are diversity of dialects and accents in Chinese speaking places) are able to understand as they all share this common feature. So for example, it helps when you bring the same card to Beijing and Hong Kong.

Pinyin is using the Roman and a Cyrillic alphabet, the same word concept is used in all Chinese dialect groups. For example, all European languages used pictographs, an upward-pointing triangle with a single vertical line at the bottom would be árbol in Spanish and dyerevo in Russian, but would have the meaning of “tree” in both languages. But bear in mind the restriction in the Chinese context, both the dialect speakers can speak Mandarin. If not it will be just fine for them to read the Chinese characters. Hence, they sue the best translators so they can be supported in reading texts. Muama enence review is one of the best devices.

In China, business leaders are those who run large corporate business, and be selected by the government officials. Opposite to the US where the government is chosen by corporate business leaders (generally speaking, thought not directly). Yet what the two countries share is personal trust is utmost important element for a Chinese businessman to decide whom they will work with.

Asian values relationship and trust when building rapport with business partner. In a collectivism culture society, group recognition is in higher conscious than personal achievement, opposite to most of the individualistic Western countries.

Hence the first step to establish the relationship has been the using of business card translation. This is to show them your interest in understanding their culture and language and as a respect, to a more implicit meaning.

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