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Social Networking: Boon or Terror for connecting with communities

Internet is based on the concept of sharing. “Sharing is Caring” as we often quote. The Social Networking sites, more or less, are based on the same principle. MySpace, Orkut, Facebook, hi5, Bebo and many more – have the same concept of “flow of ideas”. Its like a web in which every person is linked one way or the other.

But are these sites useful in any way or they are just crap? Let us discuss some of the positive as well as negative aspects of the sites and some things which we should keep in mind while browsing them. The things will help to Buy Instagram views from real accounts that will increase the fame. The charges should be kept under the funds available with the interested person. 

As described above, social networking sites are a sort of web. This indeed makes knowing more about different people easy. It also helps in making new friends which can be the friends of one of your established friends. Too much “friend-making” eh? Back to the agenda, making new friends increases exchange of ideas. For example, consider a person in India interacting with a person in Switzerland. The two have have different backgrounds and have many topics to talk about – lifestyle, politics, sport. The two get to know more about the other’s country and customs being followed. The example satisfies the word “Social” in this context. The idea of “dating” has been fused with Social Networking and this can be seen in many of the Social Networking sites. Overall, an individual makes a community which can expand or contract according to his will.

The biggest problem with the Social Networking sites is Identity Theft. If someone gets hold of your password, address, telephone numbers, then there can be problems. Another example will make my point clear. Consider one of your “virtual friends” requests you to scrap him your phone number. Note that I used virtual, that’s because you haven’t met him but have just talked with him. Anyways, you trust that friend and send him the phone number. Now as the number is publicly viewable, some Mr. Bad Guy can use that phone number wherever he likes for ulterior motives. Remember Phone numbers can be replaced with address and other personal information too. This is applicable to some of the sites, where not, another example can surely get you my point. Imagine you receiving a mail in your inbox saying you have received a new message from Mr. “x”, to view it please click here.. Of course out of curiosity one would immediately click the link, which looks familiar. But, the link can be a trap too i.e. a hyperlink leading to a phishing site similar to the Social Networking site in which you are a registrant. The account information stolen can be used to do various damages.

To sum it up, Social Networking sites are okay with restrictions. We just have to take precaution of not entering our personal data for the people to view and also be attentive and should always report phishing mails/sites. Also, its not worth sitting in front of the computer in Social Networking sites as that can bring negative results in studies/work as the main targets of the Social Networking sites are the youth of the modern era. Its up to them to take the above mentioned points seriously.

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