Carrying around an ID badge or an entry badge is quite common in practically any setting, corporate, academic, or even at home. Keeping a badge in the pocket or tucked away in a wallet may be secure, but proved to be quite the inconvenience especially if you need to regularly take it out to gain access to various places in the office building.

The introduction of badge reels, with its plastic housing and retractable cord inside which connects to a badge holder, have made carrying ID badges around much more convenient. It can easily be secured in clothes where it’s easily accessible should it need to be used immediately. Like personalized bags, reel badges come in different styles, attachments, and designs which can make it hard to choose which will suit a particular environment.

Here are some choices for a badge reel style for either personal or business use:

Color-coded badge reels and lanyards in the office

Badge reels can be attached in a lanyard which can be worn around the neck. This makes the badge easily accessible for use of entry in various departments inside an office building. Lanyards can be also be designed in a way that will make it easy for individuals to be easily identified. For example, a color-coded lanyard for each department will make it easy for everyone in the office to identify what department their colleague belongs to.

Personalized badge reel housings

Badge reel housings are perfect canvass for any statement or artworks an individual might be passionate about. Aside from offering a convenient way to carry around small accessories such as an ID badge, or even keys, reel badges can be a fashion statement for people who would like to express their personality in the accessories they wear. One can customize a print on the housing of their favorite band logo or statement, which will make wearing the reel badge all the more meaningful.

Clip-on reel badges

One of the convenience reel badges offer is the ability to access ID and entry badges and easily swipe them whenever needed. Reel badges are often worn around the neck through a lanyard for easy access. Another way of wearing and carrying reel badges around is through clip-on attachments. This allows for a more stable way of carrying around ID badges for easier swiping and visibility, while reducing the risk of the badge or the reel case getting caught in things as sometimes what happens in lanyards and ID laces. Clip-on reel badge often come in a swiveling design, allowing for a more flexible movement and rotation for easier access.

Heavy duty badge reels

Badge reels often come in a plastic housing light enough to not cause any inconvenience when being carried around the office the whole day. However, there are workplaces that has more hazard risks which can easily damage standard plastic badge reels. Heavy duty reels are designed to withstand the ruggedness of certain workplaces and even outdoors. Housing are reinforced with a highly durable material and the retractable cord is often made up of heavy duty wires or chain-likes. Heavy duty badge reels sometimes have fiber-reinforced straps for added durability and strength. These badge reels are the ideal ID holders for employees working in an industrial setting.



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