Top Essential Signs that You Are Dating a Clingy Person

Women are usually accused of being clingy over men, but there are some clingy men out there as well. If you are dating a clinger, this person will attach herself to you like glue (figuratively speaking, of course). She doesn’t make plans because she’s dependent on your plans. If she does have plans she’ll drop them immediately to do whatever it is you want to do. If you go away for the weekend to visit family or friends, she’ll come with you and rarely leave your side. Your family and friends want the chance to spend some personal time with you but they can’t because she rarely leaves you alone.

The clinger is good about giving you undivided attention although at times it can be too much. The clinger may try to chat with your friends and family members but won’t talk for long because she already misses being by your side. These people are so laser-focused on you that they can’t bare to leave you alone for a while. They are dependent on you for their emotional well-being. Their feelings get easily hurt when you’re not as able to spend as much time with them as they would like. Instead of voicing their own opinions, they wait for you to speak first.

The clinger will follow you around like a puppy. He agrees with everything (or almost everything) you say. If you attend an event together he doesn’t like it when you try to talk to other people. The clinger wants to know what you’re doing at all times. Clingers usually don’t want to admit that they cling.

Wake up and smell the coffee, people. While it’s cute to have a puppy (or another kind of pet) follow you around all the time, it’s not cute when a grown adult does this. It also isn’t healthy to be in this type of relationship. You need to realize that these clingers are insecure and have trust issues. Think about it, if they trusted you they wouldn’t have to accompany you all the time when you go away for a trip. An independent person will be able handle being by him/herself while you’re away. Everyone needs their space. You don’t get to miss someone if you’re with that person all the time. You don’t get to appreciate someone if you’re with him/her all the time. Space provided in a relationship should be appropriate otherwise it will lead to cheating. If you have any doubt regarding the activities of partner, then they can be tracked through an application installed from

If you are dating a clinger, you probably have some clingy issues yourself. Otherwise, an independent person who enjoys other people’s company yet also enjoys his/her personal space will not be attracted to a clinger. While your significant other should care about you and vice versa, people need to get a life and pursue their interests and hobbies and volunteer and do whatever it is they can to develop their purpose in life. Doing this will provide interesting topics of discussion for you and your significant other. A person who is so focused on someone else unfortunately is a doormat. Take a few lessons from the independent people and throw the clinginess out the window.

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