Best Sales Software Platforms Your Business Must Have Today

The sales distribution activity tracking system have gone fully automated with advance software today. Thing is, you must integrate the best sales software to your company for best results. You need smart help in sales administrations, right? So, you need a software that meets your company needs in convenient and efficient ways.

That is why know the best sales tracking software today. See which fits your business needs, especially with the features they offer.

Top Sales Administration Software for Business your Company Needs

1.HubSpot Sales

HubSpot Sales is the best online business app which allows you smartly automate and build different sales processes. It’s fully customizable, allowing more personal look to your messages and notifications. Moreover, you don’t have to worry about intensive coding in using this platform, since you can practically shape it easily without confusing codes.


This is a system which highlights the importance of CRM and sales pipelines. Pipedrive helps in efficiently streamlining different sales processes, and helps you get the goal of actual sales conversion. It’s highly customizable, as well as it features efficient organizational hierarchy, contact history records, reporting and stellar API among other useful functions.


Not all sales tracking tools are made for large enterprises; some, such as Katana, are specifically intended for small to medium size enterprises today. Katana allows administration of different sales processes in one platform. It allows planning, managing, modifying and scheduling of inventory processes seamlessly, as well as it runs on the cloud for better access.

4.ConnectWise Manage

This is another platform which streamlines all your sales processes into one unified system. ConnectWise Manage is a sales software which caters customer service and billing, as well as sales and project management among many other processes. It also offers an efficient data collection and viewing system which helps you achieve seamless business operation.


This is a sales software tool which offers features and function unique among other common systems. PhoneBurner circles on optimizing sales through your calls. This helps you get in touch with leads and customers easily through its power dial features. Ultimately, it aids in making appointments, updates and follow-ups, as well as help in boosting your sales.


Unifying all your systems, processes and platforms into one sales tool is certainly a great value, and Freshsales app knows that. It features one-click phone, intensive sales activity and trend reports, comprehensive sales pipeline, as well as full customer viewing among other helpful functions. It also optimizes communication with customers and leads, such as by personalizing targeted bulk emails, then see which recipients open your emails and actually click links.


EngageDay is a robust business platform which doesn’t merely focus on sales alone. Yes, it’s capable of sales management tasks, such as lead conversion and actually boosting your sales. However, it’s also capable of helping manage pipelines, schedules, contacts and tasks among other business processes. In short, it’s a platform which drives your business efficiently through automated features.


Sapaad is a sales software application specifically made for restaurants and other food enterprises. Note that restaurants have unique inventory and sales needs, thus specified sales platforms are needed. Sapaad meets such software necessities, as it help restaurants manage inventory, supplies and even orders seamlessly. This minimizes human errors, as well as optimize operation efficiency in the kitchen.

These are only few of the best sales software tools you must consider for your business today. Be sure, however, to choose one which suits your company’s specific needs and preferences. That helps you have more efficient sales administration, as well as other management processes. It all leads to boosting your sales efficiently.

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