Review of Zombie Apocalypse for Xbox 360

Nihilistic Software’s highly anticipated Zombie Apocalypse is an intense, blood filled zombie game that has you blasting thousands of zombies in your way to survival. You’ll easily find yourself sitting down for hours playing this game. The gameplay is non-stop with hordes of zombies, of all kinds; try to make you their meal. The game is pretty insane. There isn’t really a explained reason why there are zombies much like a George Romero zombie flick, which is the kind of plot I enjoy; it leaves the watcher/player to brainstorm the reasons.

In the game you can pick 1 of 4 heroes. The objective is easy, stay alive and try to protect others till they are rescued. The controls are easy, left thumb stick makes you move, right thumb stick aims/fires and the right trigger tosses a stuffed animal filled with loving explosives. The graphics are pretty detailed and you’ll find yourself surrounded in blood. Some parts of the environments are interactive; you can push a zombie into car crushers, plane turbines and many other zombie killing goodies. The game its self is in a isometric view and controls very well. The maps are not big but big enough for you to run around and paint the ground red. Let’s not forget the weapons; you’ll be giving the chance to collect weapons that pop up randomly such as the infamous shotgun, flamethrower and more. Oh, one goodies that you are equipped with that is a life saver for close melee action… the chainsaw! If you want to make a good mess of things, the chainsaw is the way to go. Remember you get points for limbs being removed. So when you removed a lot of limbs, you’ll gain more points and it will reflect in your tracker when you check your Apex stats.

You’ll find yourself quickly submerged in this zombie infected world. If you’re a huge zombie fan like me, you might even drool a little over the action. You’ll even find yourself laughing at some of the zany actions as well. You can share all of these emotions alone or with buddies online. All for only 800 Microsoft points which I think is a huge bargain for such a fun filled game.

The only thing I could find negative about the game is that there are only 7 maps and 55 missions. You might get a little tired of seeing the same maps over again but you’ll be a little to busy trying to survive to really care and you’ll have new zombies thrown at you on every mission. To make things change a bit you can unlock special modes as you complete goals such as 7 Days of Hell marathon and a option that darkens the entire map.

Overall the game is pretty fun but can be a little repetitive. You’ll spend hours trying to beat the game so be prepared for sit for awhile. I’m not even near beating the game myself, at least not at this moment. Oh there is one other downfall I must point out before ending this review, you’ll thumbs will be sore.

Zombie Apocalypse isn’t a huge breakthrough in gaming, but the fun you’ll have makes up for it and some.

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