Best Wii Games for Preschoolers

Wii is a great game system that allows children to interactively learn and exercise! However, in order to build valuable skills, it is important to choose age-appropriate games for your child to promote success and build self-esteem. Choosing the best Wii games for your preschooler is essential in making sure their game playing is building knowledge and fitness, rather than just putting them in a trance for a half hour. Luckily, the best games for preschoolers are educational, active and fun, which will make any parent feel less guilty when setting their child up for a video gaming session. Since preschoolers can not devote that much time to gaming as they have to focus on your studies. This is where they can opt for elo boosting as well. 

Below you can find a list of the best Wii games for preschoolers:

Best Wii Game for Preschoolers On-Their-Own Fitness:

Nickelodeon Fun Fit.

Nickelodeon Fun Fit is the best game for preschoolers to stay active! This game can be played by a preschooler with little to no help from Mom or Dad. In this game, your preschooler exercises with their favorite nickelodeon characters: Dora, Diego, The Backyardigans, and Kai-Lan. There is about 30 activities total, and they are broken down by character. So, your child may choose to roll boulders with the Backyardigans or bike ride with Dora. Parents are also able to see the games their child played and keep track of their progress, which is a great way to make sure your child is getting a good workout and use out of the game! Overall, Nickelodeon Fun Fit is a great way for your preschooler to have fun while building their physical fitness!

Best Educational On-Their-Own Wii Game for Preschoolers:

Sesame Street: Elmo A-to-Zoo Adventures.

This Wii game is great for helping preschoolers build their knowledge and literacy skills, including, letter identification, letter sounds, word families and reading. One highlight of this game includes the fact that the instructions are read aloud on-screen, as opposed to having to read the instructions themselves (or having mom or dad stop to read each instruction). This means preschoolers can play this game on their own and build independence as well as knowledge! Preschoolers can explore the zoo and various habitats and expand their knowledge of letters and words. There is no way any parent can feel guilty about allowing video games when their child is learning in the process!

Best Educational Wii Game for Preschoolers with Help from Mom or Dad:

Wii Party.

This game is great for any age, preschoolers included! However, this is more appropriate for a child preparing for Kindergarten and at least age 5. Mom and Dad may also be helpful when playing this game at first to understand the instructions because they are not read aloud. However, some of the skills used in this game are great for children, including, matching and memory games and balancing games. One balancing game includes placing characters on a boat to see if you can keep it balanced. The characters are big and small and the object is to balance as many characters on the boat possible. This is extremely difficult but wildly fun for preschoolers! There are also games to build numbers and adding skills, as well as introductions to countries, such as Japan and China. This game is definitely better suited for older preschoolers and helpful to have Mom and Dad on hand.

Best Wii Game for Preschoolers Fitness with Help from Mom or Dad:

Wii Sports.

This game is a hit with all ages! Preschoolers enjoy the simplicity and interactive aspect of the game, while Mom and Dad enjoy free time and the knowledge that their child is staying fit while playing video games. The golf and bowling are most ideal for preschoolers because the controls are simple and the achievements are quite obvious. This is also a great way to introduce sports to your preschooler, and have them decide which sports they are most interested in pursuing. The games include boxing, baseball, bowling, golf, and tennis.

If you are going to allow your preschooler to play video games, it is important to choose the best! Preschoolers can learn and enhance their fitness if provided with appropriate games! These games are a great way to keep your child busy and having fun while building valuable skills!


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