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Promoting Your Business With Local SEO Services

The world is changing along with the growing technology and so is the way things operates in it. The internet and its easier access have played a crucial role in redefining the algorithms of trading with the introduction of online marketing. People often make a mistake of considering SEO, not as an important factor for growing their online business. However, it is very crucial as if your target customers won’t spot you easily what would be the significance of making your business online.

Importance of SEO for your business

For making a local business successful on an online platform, it becomes quite important to use efficient local SEO. It enables an entrepreneur to promote his or her business in such a way that local customers can easily spot it. This local SEO utilize business as well as google directories along with yellow pages. There are about millions of people who check such directories on daily basis only to spot the businesses that are running at a local level.

Dedication, effort and time is required for better results

In order to make a campaign successful while functioning under SEO, an ample amount of dedication, effort as well as time is required. The SEO experts give a lot in their projects in order to satisfy the needs of their client’s business and run campaign in a controlled way. The essential architecture complimented by hard work is offered by several SEO firms present on the internet. Therefore, to make your business successful in the world of internet where competition is quite high, taking assistance from SEO specialists will be an add-up.

Strategy, tools & experience the three pillars of SEO

While you are trying to improve your SEO, it is important to know that the SEO trends keep on varying. As the tools used in SEO change from time to time and it is the job of a trained SEO specialist to get along with these changes. The SEO experts go through competition reports of the keyword, reports of the density of keyword, reports of the traffic and they research on working keywords as well. An efficient SEO specialist will always make the right blueprint and strategies for marketing the website of a business successfully. Therefore, it becomes quite vital to hire a professional in SEO for improving a website’s rank on the search results.

Local SEO Fits in your pocket

When you go for taking services from SEO campaigns that handle projects of multi-national companies, public figures, political parties you might end up getting a quote that falls out of your decided budget. On the other hand, when you hire a local SEO company for designing your firm’s online campaign you might get a quote that fits best in your budget and it would also be useful for your business. The best suggestion is to make a budget first and allow it to be a little flexible, then compare and hire the best firm amongst them for your Google local listing SEO.

SEO gives the desired result in the most efficient way as when compared with several other methods of business promotion like television, print ads, radio campaigns, etc. It would not be wrong to say that SEO services are also rational in terms of cost required and they have larger reach as well. Hence, give the responsibility of your business promotion to an SEO firm and watch let it grow.

Travel Bags: What Factors To Consider In Getting One?

Travel bags are our go-to bags whenever we, you know, go travel. In essence, any bag can be used for travel and can be considered as a travel bag, for it is just a vessel for all your stuff. As long as a bag can accommodate all your essential things for travel, then surely it will serve as a travel gab. But sometimes, having a bag that can effectively segregate your stuff, as well as give you an easy way of carrying it, then travel bag is all you need.

Anyways, for your next travel, what kind of travel bag should you choose? Well, we have here a couple of questions that can give you an idea on what to pick.

What Kind Of Bag You Need

There are tons of travel bags out there that can be purchased in any local travel supply shops and apparel stores. Here are a few of them and their short description:

  • Duffle Bag

A kind of bag that is usually hung over one shoulder, predominantly used by athletes. An excellent bag for travels that requires a few stuff to carry. Can be either wheeled or in a basic configuration.

  • Travel packs

the most common bags used for travel and its usually a backpack by design. Capacity may vary depending on the model and on its intended use.

  • Carry-on Luggage

these bags are designed to be carried by passengers into the passenger compartment of any vehicles. These are predominantly seen on the passenger compartments of planes and also trains.

  • Laptop Bags and Day Packs

These travel bags are specifically designed for a specific purpose. Laptop bags are for laptops and tablets, while day packs are smaller backpacks that are designed for urban use.

What Key Aspects you Need To Watch Out For

Here are a couple of questions you need to answer first to narrow down your options until you get the best bag you need.

  • How long will I need to travel and how much gear and stuff do I need to bring with me?
  • What kind of gear will I be bringing with me? (clothes and such or other bulky equipment like cameras and stuff).
  • Do I need a wheeled one or a backpack or duffle bag will work?
  • Do I need a compartmentalized bag to segregate my stuff, or just one with a single compartment to hold my gear?
  • Will I be traveling casually or do I need to look professional for my trip?
  • What features do I have to check in a bag? (This includes safety features too)
  • How much will I be willing to spend on one?
  • Is the bag that I will be buying durable enough to last a long time?

Clarifying all these questions can ensure that you will get all the things you need on the bag of your choosing.


Those are the factors you need to ask yourself in choosing your ideal travel bag. For some reason that you are still unsure of what to get, then you can browse online, such as those in Nomatic (nomatic.com). They have there a great lineup of travel bags that will surely suit your preference.

New Telescope Eyepieces Will Improve Even The Finest Telescopes

Telescopes are one of the finest instruments ever invented in the entire history. It draws celestial objects in the universe closer to use allowing us to appreciate and take a look of how innate and beautiful stars, planets, moon and other objects in the universe are. However, telescopes are not made in a way that it can independently adjust itself to better serve its users in terms of the clarity and brightness of the objects in its lenses. But there tools you can also avail in the market to further the use of telescope and for you to have an amazing stargazing experience. This sis with the use and help of telescope eyepieces. Eyepieces allow you to focus the light collected by a telescope so you can observe the object with clearer and brighter quality. Even the best telescope brands need eyepieces to enhance its quality. And to help you, here are some of the guidelines in choosing the right eyepieces for your telescope.


Focal length, which is also known as the power of telescope is one of the most important factors that you need to consider and evaluate when looking for the best eyepieces for your telescope. Through quality focal length, you will be able to adjust the light, sharpness and clarity of the object you are focusing. Hence, in choosing telescope eyepieces, it is necessary to take a look at the quality of the magnification and focal length, as these are the main measurement how good your telescope and eyepieces are.


In simple terms, eye relief pertains to the distance between the eyepiece lens and your eyes in focusing an object. In general, eye relief is proportional to the focal length. Thus, the longer the focal length, the longer the eye relief. However, modern telescopes do not consider focal length in determining the size of the eye relief. This is to help people with glasses to further view a focused object in a brighter and clearer manner.


Usually, eyepieces come in a set when you avail them. But if you would like to make sure that you could clearly focus an object in stargazing, it is advisable to avail different types of eyepieces. You can choose form a range of 25mm to 30 mm to 18 and 15mm focal length.


Just like telescopes, eyepieces are also expensive. So if you are on a strict budget, you can opt to avail barlow lens instead of eyepieces. Barlow lens are cheap, yet can provide you an easier way of adding magnifying power to your telescope.

It is necessary that you choose the right and quality eyepieces for your telescope. These tools are really helpful in providing quality, clearer and brighter view of celestial objects in the universe through your telescope. Hence, with telescope eyepieces, you can have an amazing experience in your next stargazing activity with your friends or family.

5 Health Insurance Tips To Help Save Time, Cost And Stress

When not properly given consideration and attention, availing and buying health insurance plan can be time consuming, expensive and stressful. In different parts of the world, availing a health insurance program is a crucial decision for a lot of families and individuals. It is like balancing the benefits or advantages of being health insured and the other expenses that might be compromised when you avail insurance. Life is not easy, and that is for sure. Another sure thing is, uncertainty is constant, and nobody knows what tomorrow holds. Hence, one way to overcome this uncertainty is to get prepared and protected. And this will be possible through health insurance. However, as mentioned earlier, buying health insurance can be daunting and challenging especially if you do not follow the necessary steps and procedures. So, to further help you, this article is designed to provide you the necessary information on how you can efficiently mange your health insurance plans. And without further ado, here are some of the health insurance tips to help you save time, money and for you to get away with the stress associated on it.

Understand your plan or policy

If you really want to be stress free, one of the most important things you need to do is to understand your health insurance plan or policy. This means that you should be aware of the terms, regulations, your benefits, coverage, time frame and other necessary details you need to know about your insurance. This will save you time because you don’t have to contact your insurance agent with some questions that you can answer on your own because it is written already on your policy copy.

Get notifications and updates

It is also advisable to subscribe to auto alert and notifications of your insurance provider so you will be up to date if there will be some changes in your policy, if you’re premium payment is already due or if there are any other important events and details you need to know. This will be done through sending you an email, fax, mail or even sms.

Select your primary doctor

It is recommended that you have a specific doctor assigned to you. This will save you enough time and energy if you have a scheduled check up and consultation with a doctor.

Always communicate with your agent

Good companies like the little fellow provide good customer service to their clients. Usually they assigned an agent to some clients to communicate with them and to oversee the clients account. Hence, communicating with your agent can certainly remove your stress and anxiety about your health insurance plans.

Go for ways on how to save money

Going to health care centers should not cost you large amount of money. Thus, to save enough money in your health insurance, you should do your task of finding for ways to minimize your cost such as buying generic medicines instead of branded ones.

Develop Your Archery Fitness Muscles With These Exercises

Introduction to Archery

There are myriad of sports available in our planet. Most of these sports use ball as the main part of the game. From football, cricket, baseball to basketball, billiards, and volleyball, certainly most of the sports that we have are considered or can be categorized as ball games. But there are other sports that have unique equipment and materials used in the game. One of these sports is called Archery and it’s going to be the main discussion in this article. Definition wise, archery is a sport that utilizes your skills in using bow to shoot arrows. The word archery comes from the Latin word arcus which means ‘bow’ or ‘arch’. Today, Archery is one of the most played sports across the globe, for some, it is a leisure and an entertainment activity. But before it became the rage today, let us go back first to where and when this sport started.

History of Archery

Historically, archery has been utilized for essential activities in the late Palaeolithic or early Mesolithic periods such as combat and hunting. In Asia, some evidences suggest that Archery started even before or earlier 10,000 BC. But according to some studies, the sport has shown some evidences that it was used around the mentioned period of time. In our modern generation, Archery is largely competitive sport and recreational platform.

About Archery

Archer is the word used to describe a person who participates in archer while toxophilite is the word used to call a person who is fanatic and expert at archery. Just like most of the sports, archery requires determination, accuracy, focus, repetition and control. This sport can be played by everyone regardless of age, gender, ability and it is widely loved and played by people from both developed and emerging countries.


Basically, to score in this sport, player just needs to shoot the target using a stringed bow. And to compute for the total scores, you just need to add up the number of points based on where the arrow hit the target, 10 is the highest score for an arrow hitting the gold ring while one point is the lowest score hitting outer the white ring and no score for arrows missing the target at all. In professional competition, players must be able to shoot 72 arrows in just 12 phases with the total of points depends the players ranking.

Basic rules of the game

Just like any other sports, archery is also bound by rules and regulations. To give you an idea on how this sport is being monitored, here are some of the basic rules of the game; players must use the prescribed equipment in the competition to avoid cheating and unfair scenarios. Players need to shoot the target in two minutes and four minutes for an end os six arrows.

With all the things and facts mentioned above about archery, it is fair to say that this sport requires accuracy, focus and most importantly strength in order to be successful on it. Hence, it is necessaty for beginners and expert players to do some excercises and physical training and activities to boost and strengthen your body allowing you to play in a good physical condition. But what are the archery excercises that you need to know? Worry not because this article will go through some of the excerices needed in playing archery.

One-Arm Dumbbell Row Back

The main objective of this exercise is to strengthen your middle back. When playing archery,n players use shoulders with the help of the muscles of your back. Hence, increasing the strength and force of your back will allow you to control your shots. Basically for you to do this, you just have tonpalce your leg and bend your trso in line with the floor with your upper body. Secondly, keep your back straight as you pick p the dumbell with the other hand and keep the other one straight.

One-Arm Side Laterals Shoulder

Focusing on to the target in doing archery requires strength in your shoulder muscles. Thus, exercising you shoulders is a key factor in being successful in the game. This exercise is very basic as you just have to hold a dumbell using your one hand while the other hand should hold onyo a surface such as a table or bence. Do it repetitively and you’ll get the right strngth for your arm.

Pull ups

Another exercise to strengthen your shoulder and arms is pull ups. This is one of the most known exercises across the world. Hence, it is indeed very helpful in archery. While this exercise can be a tough exercise, it is considered as an excellent workout for atheletes. Simply, just grab the bar with your hands and pull yourself up until your chest is in line with the bar. You can do this repetoitively to practice and to get yourself get used to it.

Dumbbell Alternate Bicep curl

Shoulders are not only the muscles or part of your body that need to be strengthen. Your biceps should also be excercised to help you to accurately and strongly pull higher draw weights in archery.

Bench Dips Arms

After biceps, it is now turn for your triceps to be strengthen using bench dips arms. This can be done without any equipment such as dumbbell. Place a table behind you ald looking away from it, you hold onto the tip of your hands. Your arms must be fully extended forward. Then you should lower your body down at the elbow til your upper arm are at a 90 degree angle.

Archery is indeed not an easy sport. But it is fun and exciting. Hence for you to be successful in this sport and to totally enjoy yourself with it, you must be able to prepare your body through exercises that are helpful in strengthening your shoulders, biceps and triceps that are essential in archery. With this, you will be able to unleash your archerypower.

How To Check Spanish News In English

If you want to follow recent events in Spain, you can do so by checking Spanish news in English. This is even more helpful for those aiming to learn Spanish and already fluent in English, and also vice versa. Certain news agencies have language and/or edition options for English and Spanish, and you can read both simultaneously to learn both the languages better. You can have direct access to news translated from Spanish through various channels as discussed below.

  1. Spanish news channels in English

With the advent of internet, news websites have their own websites. One of the best ways to have access to Spanish news in English is by resorting to a news website that offers both English and Spanish versions of major news stories, such as El País or the Miami Herald (Nuevo Herald). El País is Spain’s largest newspaper, and it caters to interests of all its readers by providing news both in the English and Spanish languages. Both of these have their respective apps as well, in case you want to read news while on the go. However these apps do not support English language. While Nuevo Herald can be read in English by downloading the Miami Herald app, El País can be read in English only on their website. Reading Spanish news translated to English is one of the best ways to get hold on some Spanish vocabulary and usage. While the news in these channels are mostly related o Spain, they also have various sections like world news, sports, culture, economy etc., and you can choose to read from either of these depending on your interests. By following these news channels online or on mobile apps, you can learn both Spanish and English just as fluently. Most of the news in Spanish is translated in English in their respective versions.

  1. English news channels in Spanish

Certain news channels like CNN and BBC also have their Spanish versions online. The same English news headlines can be read in Spanish in the respective versions. These news channels are two of the biggest news agencies in the world, and for the right reasons. It is expected that these will have their respective apps as well as websites in Spanish language, thereby increasing their reach. These news channels cater to different categories like news in USA, Latin America as well as world news, and other generic sections like economy, lifestyle, market scenarios, sports and culture. One can choose to read either of these sections, depending on one’s interest, in both English and Spanish languages. Their apps and websites are pretty interactive and one can enjoy reading news articles or watch news videos online from their mobile devices, cell phones or tablets. However you need separate apps for CNN and BBC for English and Spanish versions. If you are someone who speaks fluent Spanish and wants to learn English, CNN and BBC offer you the best ways, while also keeping your current affairs refreshed and updated.

Ways To Hang Tapestries In Home

To decorate the bare walls properly, nothing is better than tapestry. Nothing is better than textile art that is manufactured using vintage fabrics. These are attractive pieces that will surely add the colors and texture to the house. After choosing a perfect tapestry, lots of folks are facing complicated problems while hanging tapestries in the walls. Take the assistance of a professional artist who will surely suggest genuine accessories that can be helpful for you. Make sure that individual is considering some top-notch quality accessories like nails or pushpins. Hang tapestries are a fantastic option because it will give extra life to it.

Buying the moon phase’s tapestry on Amazon can be beneficial because they are offering at a reasonable worth. In order to hang tapestries on the wall properly, the user should read forthcoming paragraphs properly.

  • Buy Nails or pushpins

Buying some accessories like nails and pushpins will surely benefit you. If you don’t want to create unnecessary holes in walls, then make the use of nails. Make sure that you are attaching tapestry properly on a wall using the pushpins. Moreover, always consider a genuine tapestry that is manufactured using high-end quality material.

  • Velcro

Nothing is better than Velcro that will eliminate the chances of certain damages. After buying heavier tapestry, a user should attach the tapestry using a Velcro that is known as a particular strip of wood. Overall, it is a reliable option because one can hang the tapestry without creating any hole on the wall.

  • Consider plywood board

If you don’t want to make the use of unnecessary material, the user should make the use of a particular wood frame and hang the tapestry properly. You need to buy a Cheap grey and white tapestry according to the requirements. Like, if you have lightweight tapestry, try to make the use of the wider and longer wood board. All things depend on the board; heavy boards are considered as one of the great options.

  • Choose an online website

Lots of websites are out there that are offering superior quality tapestry, but you should buy moon phase’s tapestry on Amazon at a discounted worth. Make the use of thread colors that can match with walls. All you need to buy superior quality tapestry that will improve the overall appearance of walls. Before making a final decision, one must visit on the official website and consider the ratings and reviews carefully.

  • What about board method?

If you are looking for something great and better method, make the use of board method that is reliable. Firstly, you have to cut a particular strip of the wood and attach the tapestry carefully. People who have bought larger plywood they must try another method. All you need to buy fantastic quality accessories and tapestry as well.

  • Pay attention to the headboard

In order to save a lot of money, try to make the use of traditional headboard. Try to buy traditional ones that cost $5. Before buying any headboard, one should analyze the design and size carefully. Decorate rooms properly using the rugs and tapestries. These are some wonderful things that will surely improve the appearance of the home.

  • Wooden wall mount

You have to cut a particular piece of the wood. After that, you can easily attach the tapestry using a staple gun. Therefore, one has to buy two important things like gun and wood. If you don’t have much knowledge regarding accessories, make contact with a professional designer who will surely hang the tapestry on the wall.

  • Rod

Nothing is better than rod because it will help you in hanging the tapestries. If you are using rectangular or large tapestry, try to make the use of the rod. Make sure that you are hanging a tapestry in the guestroom that will catch the attention of guests. Always buy multi color tapestry that will look good and improve the overall appearance of the walls or house.

Conclusive words

Lastly, while buying tapestry, you should buy an accessory that will help you in hanging the tapestry on walls. You need to buy important accessories like a wood board, nails or pushpins and other important things like a rod that will save a lot of time and money as well.

Tips And Tricks In Finding The Right Furniture

Finding the right furniture can be a little tricky but all you need is to learn all the secret tips and tricks. Let’s say you’re shopping at https://poshh.co.uk/garden/rattan-furniture.html but can’t really decide on what to get. Fret not, because we are here to help you out. Here are the tips and tricks that you should learn when looking for the right furniture. Plus, all these are stylist-inspired! You’re welcome.

Decide on your theme

First things first, pick a theme and stick with it! This is a part of the process that you definitely do not want to rush. Take your time to decide what you want your house to look and feel like. Take your house design into consideration and as well as the people living in it, your taste, your budget and more. Honestly, there are a lot of things that you have to be mindful of when picking a theme. Do your research, ask around and window shop! In doing all these, you will start to build on an idea and slowly form a mental picture of what you want to go for. The process of buying furniture will become so easy and smooth once you are set on a specific theme. You can either go for a casual look, modern, contemporary, tradition or etc.

Workaround a central piece

Another tip to remember is to decide on a central piece for each room and work around with it. This will make the process of deciding what pieces to put on a specific room so much easier. This will also streamline deciding how to layout the room. A statement piece can be anything, a piece of an appliance, cabinet or shelves or even just a rug! When you work around a focal point, you can easily tell what works and what doesn’t work as a whole. This concept applies not just in pieces but for style and color as well. This way, you can definitely play around with your theme and make sure that no pieces are out of place.

Consider the layout and function of the room

Yes, the room should be aesthetically-pleasing but this shouldn’t stand in the way of its functionality and layout. The layout of the room plays a big role in how you will be able to put the pieces together and where to put what. It can be challenging to style an irregular-shaped room but there are ways to do that. On the other hand, the function of the room will also affect how the room and the pieces in it will be treated. Of course, you can’t put fragile and expensive jars in an area where there will be kids all the time. Moreover, you can’t put precious rugs and couches where your pets might be staying regularly because they will shed. Carefully consider the function of the room and the people around the house. Choosing the right furniture is not a walk in the park but you’ll get there.

Common Mistakes When Buying A Steam Shower

To buy from steamshowerstore.co.uk for your steam shower needs is a good decision but not thinking the whole process through is definitely not. If you really want to have a steam shower installed in your home, do a lot of research and get an opinion from experts. Because if you don’t prepare enough for this big investment, you might make some of these mistakes. In this article, you will learn about all the common mistakes that people make when buying a steam shower.

Hiring a contractor that does not specialize in steam showers

Choosing the right contractor for the job is probably one of the biggest decisions you have to make. You have to do research and check out reviews of the people you are about to hire. Money does not grow on trees so you should invest it on people who you completely trust. You should know that contractors have different specializations, just like doctors and teachers. Go for a contractor that has done a lot of steams showers in the past and someone who knows what he is doing. You definitely do not want to end up with bad work and have someone redo the entire thing all over again. Such a waste of money and effort.

Not caring about the design at all

Once you decide to have a steam shower installed in your bathroom, it will completely change the whole look of the room. The steam shower will not be the center of attention and this might affect the existing aesthetic of your bathroom. Thus, be sure to carefully plan out the design by bits and pieces because you don’t want to end up with something that clashes. No matter what most people say, aesthetic is a very big deal and makes you feel better about the space you are living in. Plus, it adds value to your home so its nothing but the right decision to keep everything in place.

Completely ignores the electrical and plumbing needs

The electrical and plumbing requirements of the steam shower greatly contribute to its functionality. Each home has different electrical and plumbing requirements so it is very important to carefully consider those. If there are certain limits to what you can do with your space, do not push it. When the contractors tell you a better way that is not in your plan, you better listen to them.

Not working around with a budget

Having a budget is very important when doing renovations and installations in the house. This will help you stay on track with your finances and this way, you won’t get to spend too much on things you probably don’t need. This is also a way for the contractor to understand the extent of the work that he can do. The contractor may suggest more expensive materials when in fact there are affordable versions. This will also serve as a protection for you because you will know how much exactly you are spending on materials and other requirements.

5 Tips on How to Produce Commercial Dance Music

EDM is like the Holy Grail when it comes to club dance music. So, what does it take to create top edm songs that will set the dance floor on fire? The post below has outlined a number of expert tips to keep in mind while creating truly amazing commercial dance music.

Set kick drum on 10dB

When it comes to the loudest part in electronic music, it’s usually the kick drum. It’s advised to set the kick drum to at least 10dB. If not, you may face the typical amateur problem of clipping on master channel. Beginners are usually seen to mistakenly leave the kick drum on 0dB. And that’s a serious flaw since leaving it at 0 makes them miss out on headroom in mix. Now, if you set the kick to 10, it may begin on a soft note. But don’t worry, since you can solve the problem with a limited. The limiter will enable you to scale the volume to commercial-range loudness later.

Place everything right into busses

Busses could be scary for amateur producers. But interestingly, these are actually user-friendly. In fact, busses will help you with better organizations. You may work with 5 primary busses- bass, kick, vocals, synths and percussion. Now, let’s say you have got five vocal tracks. So, instead of compressing and EQing every track, you can send the whole thing through one single buss- with one single compressor and EQ for controlling them all. In regards to compression of percussion (hihats, snares etc.) they tend to sound much better while compressed together compared to compressing individually.

In case you find your kick drum sounding tad loud, it could be because o a three layered kick. In such situations, don’t focus on individual volumes of drums and simply drop bus volume sensibly to some extent.

Side chain to mute kick drum

Do you want bouncy tunes with grooving rhythm? Well, why not? After all, we are discussing dance music here.

Now, that cool bouncy feel is derived from side chaining bass, synths and percussion to muted kick. The very process side chaining helps to bring a powerful kick drum that adds a different welcome edge to your dance music. Don’t worry, side chain is easy to learn. In fact, you will find scores of tutorials online explaining the entire process.

When you will start a new song, create a muted track with 4 kick drum which will run all through the track. Then, you will side chain your bass, white noise as well as synths & perch busses via a compressor. Make sure to use a blasting kick for the best effect. It’s to stress here that you must set low threshold and high chain as otherwise you will end up with an ineffective side chain.

Cut EQ instead of boosting it

If one can’t hear kick drum perfectly, the common practice is to boost EQ till things come to an audible level. But that would lead to the problem of clipping of master channel and you will left with a frustrating muddy sound. You certainly don’t want such an unpleasant scenario with your dance music videos. Interestingly, there is an easy solution to this entire problem. If you ever find yourself in the situation discussed in the first line of this paragraph- simply cut down some frequencies right in bass line and you will soon have the kick coming through like a dream.

If you find your synths are covering vocals, just cut some frequencies to enjoy clear vocals.

Layers are vital

Have you ever wondered why your music is so thin while professional club music is beautifully fat? Well, that’s the question of almost every beginner dance music producer out there. Well, the reason is professional club music involves a number of layers that make them fat. Some of them can even include 100 tracks in one production. You can layer kick drums up with soft hihat for better presence. You can also layer clap with snare drum. Now, these are just some basic examples. Keep on experimenting and you will land up with a good idea on right kinds of layering for your music.

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